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Street Guys Hospitality’s TTT Clarendon Introduces Livestream DJ Performances with Collaboration from Washington, D.C.-Based Partner Pelonkey

By: TTT Clarendon

August 25, 2020

Beginning Friday, September 4, 2020, Street Guys Hospitality’s Clarendon landmark restaurant, TTT (Tacos, Tortas & Tequila) known for its casual Mexican-influenced fare is adding an exciting bit of fun on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons with virtual DJs. Guests dining on the first floor and on the third floor TTT Rooftop, which seats 82 and offers wonderful views on the city, will enjoy watching and listening to live streaming DJ performances via large screen projection. The featured DJ will be spinning in real time for four hours from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Each DJ’s playlists are designed specifically for TTT. For this new dining entertainment venture, TTT is installing a new 150-inch rooftop screen for easy viewing, while the first floor of TTT boasts the largest retractable flat screen in the area, which is 190 inches and suspended from the ceiling.

With live broadcast viewing, TTT’s performances will integrate a variety of genres played by featured DJs. The music will be upbeat and eclectic. Virtual performing musicians are also part of the future for TTT’s enhanced experience for weekend dining. There will be a weekly rotation of the talent. Every performance is inclusive with content devoid of any negative language which will be curated by Pelonkey. TTT will be broadcasting the playlists designed specifically for TTT’s audience, and one will be able to find them posted on the restaurant’s website, as well as shared on social media platforms to learn about upcoming DJs and anticipated content of their shows.

“The sonic landscape at TTT will be upbeat, eclectic, feel-good music brought to you by DJs from all over the world,” states Michael Ivan Navarro, Pelonkey’s creative director.  “The goal is to always present music that is as vibrant and colorful as TTT, while still allowing for a lovely evening or afternoon of dining, cocktails and conversation. The energy and music our DJs bring will be the perfect pairing to the energy of the guests and the environment of the restaurants. On Fridays, the best female DJs from around the globe will be spinning. On Saturdays, it is all about our local superstars, the most talented DJs from our nation’s capital, Maryland, and Virginia. On Sundays, we are bringing the good vibes and energy of house music for a weekly sunset party.”

“Since the inception of TTT in Clarendon, having DJs and live music performances has always been part of our concept for guests,” says Street Guys Hospitality Founder &CEO Ivan Iricanin. “We installed a DJ booth on the first floor when we built the restaurant. TTT has consistently featured a pleasing collection of curated DJ tunes playing in the background as part of the dining experience. We plan to mirror this new virtual entertainment venue at our TTT Silver Spring, Maryland location in the future as well. TTT will enhance this new amenity feature by adding a chat with a moderator to invite guests to communicate on screen with each other and with the DJ. The moderator will keep the conversation on tone and suited for the public. An outfacing camera will also let the DJs interaction with the audience at TTT. All of this will become available soon and more information will be posted on our TTT website. We believe good music is an important addition to the overall dining experience, and one will be able to view the livestream performances and see the curated playlists at clarendon-va/.”

Friday nights at TTT will highlight women with Babes + Beats, female DJs from around the world. This open format of DJs can play any style of music to cater to the crowd on Friday nights. Saturday nights showcase Top 40 + Open-Format with local DMV DJs. The best of Top 40 from the area, with an open format is perfect for getting the party going on Saturday nights. Then Sunset Sundays will bring the good vibes of Tulum and house music to the ‘Funday’ crowds at TTT.  Each DJ will perform one custom, themed virtual set that is live streamed onto the projection screens on each of the two floors at TTT for a total of four hours. The second-floor dining room at TTT will have the featured music playing in the background but not projected for viewing during the dinner service.

Street Guys Hospitality, an international restaurant group, which owns and operates ten concepts and employees across two continents, which they currently oversee. Concepts include: TTT Silver Spring, TTT Clarendon, AMBAR Belgrade, AMBAR Capitol Hill, AMBAR Clarendon, BABA, Mala Fabrika Ukusa, Burrito Madre Belgrade, Burrito Madre Karadjordjeva and Burrito Madre Bulevar. Additional information can be found at: http://streetguyshospitality. com.

Pelonkey is a full-service entertainment production company based in Washington, D.C. that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind experiences for its clients via live and virtual events. Created by world-renowned DJ Neekola, Pelonkey captures the creativity and spirit of the entrepreneur and brings a new level of production and good vibes to each and every experience they create.


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