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Virginia Senator Adam Ebbin Endorses Mayor Pete Buttigieg for President

By: Senator Adam Ebbin

June 13, 2019

Today I am proud to offer my endorsement of Mayor Pete Buttigieg for President of the United States.

Throughout my political career I have had the opportunity to work with only a handful of candidates who simultaneously embody pragmatic progressive reform and possess both the strong commitment to our nation formed by service, and the ability to effectively outline achievable aspirations. For two years, the Trump administration’s callous cynicism and corruption has shaken the belief of many that such leaders still exist.

But Mayor Buttigieg embodies these qualities, and more importantly proves that these talents are not dwindling in America — they are thriving.

As mayor of what was once a company town struggling to adapt from major loss of manufacturing jobs, “Mayor Pete” led a transformation which reinvigorated South Bend while constantly keeping an eye on the equity of the process. An executive with more time in elected office than our current president, the mayor has laid out an inclusive model for a millennial re-creation of American prosperity.

Our country needs a leader who understands the most pressing issues we face and can articulate and outline a comprehensive plan to address them. Our times call out for a unifying leader who makes the case for shared national priorities and can bring Americans from all walks of life together with the common purpose to restore the trust that future generations can be better off than their parents.

American workers need an opportunity to advance their station through honest work, not gimmicks. We need a president that realizes that the greatest challenges to American workers come from automation and the re-emergence of powerful monopolizing forces. Mayor Buttigieg will address the challenges that workers, students, and people of color face, and ensure the American workforce is positioned and trained for jobs of the future.

The security of our nation has rarely been at so great a risk, but not, as many claim, from immigrant populations and religious minorities. The collapse of our climate, the scourge of gun violence, and the repressive criminal justice system threaten our safety and national identity. Mayor Buttigieg understands these issues for what they are, not talking points, but security crises and will address them with the same vigor and resources we do our armed conflicts.

Mayor Buttigieg understands that freedom is a progressive value: freedom from government interference in a woman’s reproductive rights; freedom from discrimination against the LGBTQ community; freedom from crippling healthcare costs.

While the Democratic field is ripe with inspiring leaders, Mayor Buttigieg is a generational talent who will advance our shared vision for America. I’ll be doing my all to support him here in Virginia, if you’d like to join me, head to to get involved.

Delegate Mark Keam, Virginia Beach City Councilwoman Andria McClellan, and Congressman Don Beyer have also endorsed Mayor Buttigieg.


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