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Wild Birds Unlimited: Gift of Giving

By: Wild Birds Unlimited

December 14, 2017

They give to us without asking for anything. They give us the beauty of rainbow colors. They give to us the melodic notes of a myriad of songs. They give us babies. And they give us the mystery of science and nature. They do all of this and ask for nothing.

So, this holiday season, wouldn’t it be nice to give back to them the gift of life? The gift of life in the form of food, water, shelter and a house to raise their young. Because the dozens of wild bird species in your backyard give to us all year long. They ask for nothing. But as we remove more and more of their wild habitat, they are stressed to survive. Stressed to find food.   Stressed to find water to drink and bathe. Stressed to find habitat to roost in during the colder months of the year. And stressed to find a safe habitat to raise their young.

Don’t get me wrong. Colorful silly ties, chewy healthy Fruit Cake and electronic gizmos are fun to open on Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanza. But the tie will only be worn twice in the year. The electronic gizmo will be broken before nightfall. And you better not keep the Fruit cake more than a week! But a bird feeder is a gift of life that will last for years and years. Which each passing season, you will be helping the wild birds to survive and sustain themselves. You will also be giving the wonderful gift of “the hobby of bird feeding” to someone. The joys of discovering the natural world all around us is never ending. With the four seasonal changes, comes new birds, colors and songs. An awareness to being observational as to which bird species visits and or live in your yard becomes more focused with each day, week and month. Before you know it, you have given someone a lifetime worth of magic. And it all started with one simple gift of a bird feeder and some food.

Now until December 24th, we will help you get started. When you bring in one donation of food for the Arlington Food Assistance Center, we will give you a FREE 2# bag of bird food to feed your birds.   You give the gift of food to help the hungry; we will give you bird food to help the hungry and cold birds in your or your neighbor’s yard. We have bins ready in the store for your generous contributions. Thank you for giving

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