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  • kevin

    looks nice, how about a little Photoshop action to remove that crane?

  • Rachel

    I subscribe through my Reader so I can’t even remember what the old banner looked like! This new banner isn’t bad by itself, but to me it doesn’t do the county justice. I would love to see either a fixed banner with a few different photos, or maybe a flash banner that cycles through photos that really show what Arlington is, because it’s not just a business district.

  • Kevin — I feel the crane is very representative of Arlington as a fast-growing and ever-changing community.

    Rachel — You’re right. There are many facets of Arlington not encompassed by just a skyline. Eventually, I would like to have a rotating banner with a number of different views of the community. For now, however, as we focus most of our energy on generating compelling content, I think this banner does a good job of presenting a view of Arlington that most people are familiar with.

  • Skyline? M’eh. Azaleas! That’s what represents Arlington right now! (of course my blog still reflects snowpocalypse. Have to change that sometime)

  • Christy

    I think it’s an improvement!


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