ARLnow.com Partnering with TBD.com

by Scott Brodbeck May 5, 2010 at 8:57 pm 1,994 4 Comments

I’m very proud to announce tonight that ARLnow.com is the first site to partner with new D.C. local news site TBD.com.

TBD is helmed by former washingtonpost.com executive editor Jim Brady and backed by Allbritton Communications, parent company of ABC7, NewsChannel 8 and Politico. We’re excited to be working with Jim and his team, including Erik Wemple, Steve Buttry, Jeff Sonderman, Lisa Rowan, Julie Westfall, Steve Chaggaris and Mandy Jenkins (who did I forget?).

TBD is a completely new approach to local news. With a staff of about 50, TBD will be a primarily web-based and social media-centric news organization with a complementary TV operation, the exact details of which are yet to be revealed.

In addition to original reporting, a large part of TBD’s strategy will be linking to content from partner sites. Along with ARLnow.com, TBD expects to announce partnerships with a number of local blogs and web sites in the coming weeks. TBD will also help partner sites sell advertising space.

Teaming up with TBD will open up a larger, more regional audience for ARLnow.com’s timely original news and features, and will be an important component of our effort to make the site financially self-sustaining.

  • Congrats Scott! Looking forward to hearing more details from the TBD guys 🙂

  • MB

    I really like what you do here. Not entirely convinced that TBD will bring added value. It’s sort of like your local radio station signing up with a network. If I wanted network programming, I’d go to a big network station. The value here is the very local content. I hope TBD’s requirements don’t dilute it.

  • BP

    Just wanted to say that I also appreciate what you are doing here with the site. The hyper-local approach to reporting news in Arlington has made this website my first stop during my morning routine of coffee, cereal, and the Washington Post. I only hope that you continue to get the traffic and support you need to continue this site well into the future. DCist is good — and the similar approach to covering local events here has been great for the thousands of us that spend much of the day in DC, but proudly call Arlington home. Thanks again.

  • Congrats! Keep that local flavor, just like MB and BP noted.


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