Arlington, VA

Fairfax County may be a bit jealous of Arlington’s bike friendliness.

With bike travel growing in both counties, one Fairfax cycling advocate is saying publicly that his county should take Arlington as an example and go farther than just paying lip service to bike-related concerns.

“Somehow Arlington was able to find $1 million a year for their bike program,” Bruce Wright lamented to the Fairfax Times. If Fairfax County leaders truly cared, “they would find the money to fund it.”

The article goes on to cite Arlington and Portland, Ore. as inspirations for bike-friendly policy making in urban areas.

A group called Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling “would like to see increased requirements or incentives for office buildings to include bike parking and shower facilities to accommodate bicycle commuters, similar to Arlington County,” the article says.

Arlington has 113 miles of bike lanes and trails.


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