Men In Ski Masks Try Unsuccessfully To Break Into Apple Store

by ARLnow.com May 26, 2010 at 6:42 am 2,009 6 Comments

A group of men in ski masks threw a cinder block into a window at the Apple Store in Clarendon overnight, but they didn’t break the glass.

The men reportedly fled after they were unable to break into the store. Police set up a perimeter and searched the area after the apparent burglary attempt, but they could not locate the suspects.

A large gash is visible where cinder block hit the window, we’re told.

  • Mike

    They were all wearing blue ski masks.

    • Aaron

      Thanks for the clarification. Maybe they will still be wearing the blue ski masks even today. They might actually just be sitting at Baja Fresh across the street eating a taco and wearing their blue ski masks. In all seriousness that information might have been useful for the 15 seconds between when a brick hit the apple store window and the moment where they undoubtedly jumped in their car and left.

      • The Grand Emperor of Arlington

        All of the dorks that work at the [CR]Apple store wear goofy blue shirts. Since you didn’t realize that you wasted about 5 minutes of your life responding to satrical rhetoric.

        I’m amused.

        • Dan

          I think you may be the only one.

        • Aaron

          so because the apple store employees wear blue (and orange and sometimes black shirts), everyone is supposed to know blue ski masks is clever satirical rhetoric? You’re an idiot.

  • Lowell

    Had a late night stroll with the dog last night around 1AM after meeting some friends and walked by the Apple Store and nothing was amiss, must have happened a bit later (or earlier, to be correct).


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