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The Unusual Case of the Stolen Wig

by ARLnow.com May 26, 2010 at 9:03 am 5,155 4 Comments

Police are looking for a a 6’2″ transsexual who ran from a South Arlington beauty store with a pilfered wig, hopped into a car and sped off onto Columbia Pike.

Usman Minayar, manager of the Crystal Beauty store on South Edgewood Street, said the suspect tried to stealthily put the $17 ten inch honey blond wig in a purse while her friend, a local stripper, distracted him.

When Minayar saw what was going on, the suspect made a mad dash for the door. He didn’t try to stop her.

“I was a bit scared… [s]he’s a big guy… [s]he might knock me down, you know.”

The suspect was wearing a black shirt, a bandana and “booty shorts” at the time of the theft, Minayar said.

He said he’s confused by the theft because both the transsexual woman and the stripper, a biological female, have bought items at the store before.

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  • Mike

    What’s with this [s]he baloney? A male transexual is still a man, even if he has been surgically mutilated. Gender identity is PC run amok.


    The Grand Emperor of Arlington (formerly Mike)

  • Thes

    Congratulations, ArlNow, on establishing and sticking to an appropriate editorial policy of assigning gender on the basis of apparent self-identification. This is a sensible and sensitive policy, since even the International Olympic Committee, through a combination of physical examination, genetic testing, personal interviews cannot always determine gender otherwise. You handled this story with appropriate deftness, and your handling of the quotation gave readers exactly the right information.

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