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  • Efrem

    Did they drop more COG petitions off this morning?

    • Last night I was told that they had dropped off the last of them. If they did drop any off this morning, it won’t count. The deadline was last night.

  • BlueLoom

    Yup–I felt it in N. Arlington, near Yorktown HS & Nottingham elementary school. It felt like a huge, heavy truck rumbling by.

  • Scott

    As someone who once lived in Southern California, I’m somewhat embarrassed to even be running this as a story. There was once a similar-strength earthquake that happened out there while I was working on a computer. I apparently didn’t feel it because the pneumatic chair I was sitting in cushioned the shaking.

    (In reality, though, I kind of wish I had felt it. And I’m jealous of anybody who did feel it this morning.)

    • MB

      Yep. Missed it myself, and calling for a do-over.

  • G. Clifford Prout

    It was the most exciting thing to have happened in my bed in over 20 years.

    • Skeptical


      It may explain why I had nightmares…

  • Greg

    Woke me up near Ballston, but just barely. Asked the wife in the morning if there was an earthquake or if I just dreamed it. She missed it.

  • James

    Wife and I both felt it — we live near East Falls Church Metro. But we were both already awake thanks to an early-rising baby this morning. I thought it was a huge truck rolling by (which doesn’t make any sense). Wife said maybe it was an earthquake. Oh.

  • I slept right through it!

  • Tom

    I was awake in the kitchen during the great earthquake. Glassware rattled, thought it was a truck but it lasted about 2 seconds too long for that. It was the first earthquake I’d ever felt. It wasn’t bad at all, but I don’t want to feel any more either.

  • Not Brian Moran, either

    Slept through it in Crystal City. I think it’s hilarious that NBC4 is informing us of the possibility of aftershocks on its website.

  • ArlingtonAaron

    5:00 AM? Yeah, no. You could have set me on fire and I wouldn’t have felt it.

  • Courthouse Resident

    My building shakes already too much – especially if my neighbor wears heels and stomps through her apartment – so, no, I didn’t notice it!

  • Katie

    The cat sought comfort by my side so I woke up around then but no, didn’t feel it.

    I did have dreams about tsunamis though.

  • Matt H

    I can cross “experience an earthquake” off my bucket list. I live in ALCOVA Heights (S. Arlington) and it woke me up. A loud rumble for less than 10 seconds. It sounded like a HUGE train/truck on our street. I first thought of an earthquake, but then I figured an airplane from Reagan National passed over the house.

  • Dog woke me up

    My dog woke me up right before the earthquake. I thought he had to pee but he was in a panic. Just as I tried to calm him, the earthquake struck. I looked for a nearby truck for a second or two then realized it was an earthquake (since it was too soon for the County Board approved pile driving at East Falls Church).

  • Brett

    Felt it by Hayes Park – didn’t feel much different from when large trucks drive through the neighborhood – but did last a bit longer, and I never heard the truck engine.

  • Skeptical

    Photos of the earthquake carnage are now up.

  • David

    Didn’t feel it at all…but I live in Crystal City so I would have just assumed it was a bus going by or a plane going overhead…things shake down SA alot.


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