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Northside Social Gets An Unlikely Endorsement

by Scott Brodbeck July 16, 2010 at 9:41 am 1,571 5 Comments

If you’ve spent any time on the comments section of this site, you undoubtedly know of Mike, who, bless his heart, is never in want of something to blame on the Arlington County Democratic Committee.

Since it’s Friday, we decided to share a recent email (and accompanying photo) from Mike.

It seems that he recently visited Northside Social and was pleasantly surprised by the experience.

They may be frou frou and attracting annoying hipster doofi (plural), but they sure can pour one amazing looking latte.

Give the beatnicks some credit and post this.

It begs the question: is Mike losing his edge? First he sticks up for Arlington’s water main repair efforts, then he says we should give the election officials verifying petition signatures “the benefit of the doubt.” What’s next, praising the county board for being courageously pro-business when it comes to development at East Falls Church?

Seriously, though, we like it when civility rules the day in the comments section. Carry on.

  • Skeptical

    I believe there should be an -es construction in the plural of doofus, don’t you? Doofus, doofi (masculine), doofae (feminine), doofes (both or no gender). Not that I am going on anything but a few rusty memories.

  • Tom

    The etymology of “doofus” seems unclear Some sources say it derives from the German “doof” or “doofen” while other sources say it is pure American slang. It is one of the words that sounds right for what it generally means.

  • TuesdayChild

    Team Mike!

  • Mike

    For the record, that was NOT my latte. Only an ACDC moron would order a hot drink on a 90+ degree day.

    They would probably enjoy it on the patio being cooled by a blast of sub artic air from the open door while discussing ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • SC

    Why you’d waste readers’ time by posting this guy’s picture is beyond me.


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