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Shirlington Village Without Power

by ARLnow.com August 5, 2010 at 7:38 pm 2,145 7 Comments

Stores and restaurants closed early in Shirlington Village, which lost power during this afternoon’s severe thunderstorms and hasn’t seen the lights come back yet. Small branches and leaves littered the tree-lined main drag of Campbell Avenue.

At least one bar valiantly stayed open, however. Bistro Bistro was serving bar patrons by candlelight and flashlight, while groups of people casually sat drinking beers on the outdoor patio.

Just down the street, a big backup was forming at the intersection of South Quincy Street and Campbell Avenue, where the traffic light was dark. Traffic on a nearby on-ramp to I-395 was moving, but very slowly.

  • jessie

    someone smashed the windows of about 20 cars in a lot near the shirlington bus station as of 5pm. I took pictures. It was madness.

    • I have photos. How do you know that they were smashed by a person?

  • KR

    Jessie, can you send the pics to ARLnow? i work in shirlington village and would like to know more about the smashed car windows incident.

  • Katie

    I should have checked this before venturing down there to buy wine at Curious Grape!

    Looked like Signature had some emergency lights. Show must go on?

  • jessie

    i can send pictures. What address should i send it to? I am assuming a person did it based on the damage but i guess its possible it was from the storm.

  • Nick

    Valiant is not necessarily the right word for Bistro Bistro. It is illegal for a restaurant to stay open without power. Which is why, at least in part, the other ones closed–no hot water to sanitize anything among the other problems that lack of power can cause.

  • Katie

    That’s true, Nick. I once worked at a Fridays-type local restaurant and the power went out a lot–and the owner would insist we stay open and serve sandwiches in the dark.


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