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Motorcycle Accident in I-66 Tunnel

by ARLnow.com August 26, 2010 at 3:48 pm 2,795 9 Comments

A motorcyclist somehow lost control of his bike and skidded across westbound I-66 in the Rosslyn tunnel this afternoon.

The accident happened around 3:30 p.m. Initial reports suggest the biker’s injuries are minor.

The right-hand lane of I-66 is temporarily blocked.

  • John Shaft

    Motorcyclists do not lose control and skid across lanes on relatively straight roads, they are run out of their lanes by the idiots driving cars, texting, talking, tweeting, eating, applying makeup, etc, etc. But apparently the non-riding public and this author thinks bikes just randomly slide around? Maybe if you were all forced to learn to ride as part of basic driver training you would become better drivers – and maybe better reporters

    • Wow

      You’re an angry, angry man. Nothing in that article implied it was the operator’s fault.

      But, while we’re on the topic, if I had a dollar for every motorcyclist who has passed me illegally by speeding between lanes or up shoulders, or almost clipped my car by weaving in and out of too-small spaces, I’d be rich.

      • John Shaft

        What’s your idea of rich? Millionaire? Billionaire? You’ve really witnessed a million dangerous and illegal events by motorcyclists? Maybe more? You must drive a lot.

    • The accident happened just after a big turn and a tricky merge/exit.

      • John Shaft

        I know, I ride through there almost every day. And I deal with drivers coming from DC trying to merge right to exit to Rosslyn, while cars coming off 110 merge left onto 66 West. This area you describe as “tricky” is not tricky at all, it’s a wide smooth 3 lane paved area which is not testing the limits of a motorcycle. The only “tricky” part may come from dealing with people driving poorly and making unsafe maneuvers.
        So I stand by my initial comments. You could have reported an accident. You could have reported a delay. But you reported an out-of-control motorcycle with no mention of other potential vehicles, giving the opportunity for other steel and glass sheltered travelers to whine about the rare random occasions that an irresponsible rider passes them. Slightly off topic, but those complainers don’t seem concerned about the safety of those riders, merely the fact that the rider was able to get ahead or go somewhere the driver couldn’t.

        I am glad the rider’s injuries were minor.

        • RestonRunner86

          Wow. I thought I was the angry one on this blog! LOL! I’m sorry, but I’ll have to reinforce the comments of “wow”. It may not be right to stereotype, but I have also indeed witnessed numerous motorcyclists here pull dangerous stunts, including passing tractor-trailers on the right (dumb), zooming up BETWEEN lanes of traffic (dumber), and zig-zagging to look cool (dumbest). I’m glad you’re a responsible rider or know someone who is. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of morons in this metropolitan area who think that a “crotch rocket” puts them above the law.

          • Wow

            Saying he lost control doesn’t imply it was his fault. Motorcyclists can easily lose control because someone illegally cuts them off or enters their lane. You need to relax, dude.

        • Wow

          Also, my comment doesn’t constitute multiple “complainers.” And why should I be concerned with the safety of a rider who passes me illegally by driving up between two lanes or on a shoulder, motorcyclist or not?

    • charlie

      proportionally i have more cars being dumb around me. but at least they are in steel boxes. motorcycles who drive dumb are, well, just dumb.
      hope everyone is fine in this accident.


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