Bakeshop Does Breakfast

by ARLnow.com September 15, 2010 at 7:06 am 1,927 7 Comments

Clarendon’s cupcake-and-coffee store Bakeshop is now serving breakfast.

At the bright and early hour of 8:00 a.m., Tuesday through Friday, Bakeshop (1025 North Fillmore Street) will unlock the doors and start selling bagels, croissants, coffeecake and Wrecking Ball coffee. The new opening hours took effect yesterday, and we hear it was surprisingly busy for the first day.

  • Let’s Be Free

    A coffeshop/bakery that opens “bright and early” at 8:00 am, surely an ironic observation. With bankers hours like this what is the over/under, even odds bet on this business’ life cycle — one year or two?

  • Kona

    You’re missing the point, Let’s Be Free. The Bakeshop is surrounded by condos and apartments nearby (Zoom Lofts on top of the store, 1021 Clarendon, The Reserve at Clarendon, apartments above Golds Gym, apartments above the Crate & Barrel center, and nearby businesses).

    If they attract just a small slice of this segment, they’ll be fine. Breakfast isn’t their focus, it’s simply augmenting what they do best which is baked goods. The only difference now is they’re offering morning goods and the best coffee for weary workers on their way out. Keep in mind, the Baker was always in the shop at this hour preparing for the day, regardless. Smart move IMO.

    • LP

      Just an FYI, it’s Zoso, not Zoom. The units above Golds Gym are condos, not apartments.

    • charlie

      maybe i’m old fashioned, but if you call yourself a baker or bakery you need to be open at 6/7 AM. Lost opportunity first. And then all the people who get irritated because they stop, get out of their cars, off their bikes, tie up their dogs, only to find the doors shut at 715. Not a good business model, despite how cute the concept is.

    • Let’s Be Free

      So, I take it Kona that your over/under is in the 5 to 10 year range?

      I’m not missing the point at all, because it is the dynamics of supply and demand that ultimately win out, as they almost always do. Barriers to entry are low as is the required skillset. If there is a good demand for baked products at or near that location then Bakeshop’s clock will be cleaned by someone who goes full service, full time to include the much earlier time of day that baked goods (from whence is derived is the word bakery) are in most demand. Shoot for a small slice and the bakery is pretty much guaranteed to end up with no slice at all.

      • Kona

        @Let’s Be Free: I’m hoping, as a supporter of small businesses not run by commercial franchises (call me old fashioned), they’ll endure. I’m hoping +5 and beyond.

        Point taken on supply/demand, my thoughts are if they capture a small segment of folks living in the apts/condos (@LP, thanks for the clarification) who need a quick cup of coffee, bagel, or pastry on their way out to the metro or nearby workplace, they’ll be just fine. In terms of capturing a “small slice/failure”, I disagree. This isn’t a “Go Big or Go Home” strategy they are pursuing. It’s simply satisfying the demands of those in the community (myself included, I live a few blocks away) who desire something quick and easy and augmenting their overall sales. A sit down bakery this obviously is not.

        Does the Bakeshop sell out too quickly? Yes, and I’m hoping the owner is listening and can scale production to meet demand. He’s going to have to. Period.

        @NYGiants20: From what I can gather after speaking to the owner, they are working out the kinks and trying to gauge what demand is to ramp up production for returning customers.

  • nygiants20

    I visited the Bakeshop this morning shortly after 8am. The coffee was very good. However, there was an extremely limited selection of anything available to eat. I had three bagels to choose from and nothing more. This isn’t exactly what I would call “breakfast service.” Perhaps they just don’t have their morning routine perfected yet. But based on today’s experience they have much room for improvement.


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