Crime Report: Rough Neighborhood Edition

by ARLnow.com October 6, 2010 at 3:55 pm 1,619 11 Comments

A prolific burglar somehow managed to break in to at least nine cars, sneak in to a locked garage, steal a bike and steal tools all on the same night, in the same area, without being caught.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (SERIES) 09/30/10, the 1800 blocks of N. Scott and N. Quinn Streets. Between 8 pm on September 29, and 7 am on September 30, an unknown subject broke into at least nine cars in the area. A bicycle was stolen as well, and a subject entered a locked garage and stole tools during the same time period. There are no known suspects.

That particular two-square block area is no stranger to the Crime Report. It has seen burglaries, attempted burglaries, a sexual battery, an abduction, more larcenies from auto and an unlawful entry, all within the past 10 months.

The rest of the crime report, including an inappropriately amorous cabbie and a pair of fighting cabbies, after the jump.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING-ARREST 10/04/10, 200 block of N. Cleveland Street. On October 4 at 2 am, two cab drivers had a verbal argument, which escalated into one man driving his vehicle into the other suspect’s cab. The suspect also assaulted the victim. Ahmed Odowa, 51, of Falls Church, was charged with Malicious Wounding. He was held without bond.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY 10/02/10, 1500 block of Arlington Boulevard. On October 2 at 2:30 am, a woman was exiting a cab when she believes the driver attempted to kiss her. She did not remember any other details.

ROBBERY 10/05/10, 2000 block of N. 15th Street. On October 5 at 5:40 am, a woman was inside a vehicle with several men when she decided she was leaving the car. When she exited, she attempted to take her purse, but one subject brandished a handgun at her. She left her purse in the vehicle and fled.

ATTEMPT ROBBERY 09/30/10, 1400 block of N. Quincy Street. On September 30 at 5 am, an unknown man grabbed a man walking into a building and demanded his car keys. They struggled and the suspect fled. The suspect was a white male, 19 years old, 5’10” and175 lbs. He had dark hair and was wearing all black clothing. The shirt had orange writing on the chest.

ATTEMPT ROBBERY 10/01/10, 4200 block of Fairfax Drive. On October 1 at 8:20 am, a woman stated that another female took her wallet off the counter by a cash register. The victim ran after the suspect and retrieved her wallet, but says that she was assaulted. The incident is under investigation. The suspect is described as an 18 year-old white female, 5’3, and 100 lbs with blonde hair.

ATTEMPT ROBBERY 10/04/10, 2100 block of Clarendon Boulevard. On October 4 at 12:30 pm, a woman was walking when an unknown man approached her and attempted to take her purse. She screamed and the suspect fled. He is described as an African American male in his late 30’s, 6′, and160lbs with no hair. He was wearing a blue windbreaker with stripes, jeans, and a blue baseball cap.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY-ARREST 09/29/10, 200 block of S. 23rd Street. On September 29 at 8:50 pm, a man rear-ended a vehicle. The driver of the victim vehicle assaulted the other driver. Richard Johnson, 40, of Chester, MD, was charged with Assault and Battery. He was released on his own recognizance.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY 10/05/10, 4200 block of Wilson Boulevard. On October 5 at 12:25 pm, a store manager attempted to stop a woman shoplifting shoes. When confronted, the suspect sprayed a caustic substance at the victim and fled. The suspect is described as an African American female, 5’4″, and 160 lbs, wearing a red, shiny, down jacket, tight, light colored pants, and white shoes. She was also carrying shopping bags.

BURGLARY 09/29/10, 3900 block of N. 4th Street. On September 29 between 2:30 am and 9 am, an unknown person broke into an apartment and stole electronics. There is no suspect description.

BURGLARY 09/30/10, 100 block of N. Oakland Street. On September 30 between 11:30 am and 1:45 pm, an unknown person broke into an apartment. There is no suspect description.

BURGLARY 10/03/10, 2700 block of S. Glebe Road. Between 10 am on October 2, and 1 pm on October 3, an unknown subject forcibly entered an apartment and stole various items. There is no suspect description.

UNLAWFUL ENTRY-ARREST 10/03/10, 1000 block of N. Monroe Street. On October 3 at 3:15 am, a man entered his neighbor’s apartment. He woke her up by kissing her. Umar Aziz, 24, was charged with Unlawful Entry and Assault and Battery. He was held on a $5,000 bond.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY 09/30/10, 4100 block of Fairfax Drive. On September 30 between 2 am and 10 am, a subject broke into a restaurant and damaged several bottles of alcohol.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY 09/29/10, 1000 block of S. Edgewood Street. Sometime between 10 pm on September 28, and 7:30 am on September 29, an unknown subject broke into a business by smashing the front door. The cash register was stolen. There are no known suspects.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY 10/01/10, 3500 block of N. Pershing Drive. Between 4 pm on September 30, and 7:30 am on October 1, an unknown subject broke into a house under construction and a construction trailer. Various tools were stolen. There are no known suspects.

STOLEN AUTO 9/30/10 Untagged 2006 Honda scooter, white 1200 block of S. Courthouse Road

STOLEN AUTO 10/01/10 Untagged 2002 Yamaha scooter, silver 4600 block of S. 28th Road

STOLEN AUTO 10/02/10 NJ RWR68S 2001 Jeep Cherokee, silver 2000 block of S. Eads Street

STOLEN AUTO 10/03/10 MD 7AB2480 2003 Nissan Altima, green 4200 block of Four Mile Run Drive

STOLEN AUTO 10/04/10 VA XNA7869 2003 Kia Sedona, green 6300 block of N. 31st Street

STOLEN AUTO 10/04/10 VA XMH8653 2006 Nissan Altima, gray 4600 block of Four Mile Run Drive

  • Lou

    Not the normal list of Clarendon Corridor bar fights, but I still detect the scent of alcohol on a few of those.

    • arlcyclist

      You don’t think the woman “exiting a cab when she believes the driver attempted to kiss her” was intoxicated, do you? I know there are lots of reasons why I might “not remember any other details” when exiting cabs at 2:30 in the morning.

  • bob

    Rosslyn Heights is the new ghetto.

    • Arlington

      It’s a dorm (more or less), what do you expect?

      • bob

        exactly how is a dorm = being targeted for multiple auto thefts?

    • ballston

      lived in rosslyn heights about a year ago and my friends car got broken into when parked in front of what is now Rosslyn Vue.

      there are some sketchy low rise apts nearby but I never felt like it was a bad area, always felt safe around there. but definitely glad I moved now that I see all the crime that has occurred nearby.

  • Bringmetheyuppies

    Ah 90% of all crime is on the North side. Stick that in your pipe when you are salmming the Pike/South side.

    • Anthony

      Excellent observation.

    • fat kid

      was 90% SA last week.

    • SoArlRes


    • PikeHoo

      Fat Kid’s makes a good point. I read the list every week and while SA may have won this battle this week, we’re generally losing the war. I’ll take the NA larceny over the robbery of SA any day.


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