Route 50 Ramp to Courthouse Road Reopens

by ARLnow.com October 13, 2010 at 2:38 pm 2,695 14 Comments

(Updated at 2:40 p.m.) Repairs are complete and the ramp has reopened.

“Repairs are temporary until they find out exactly what caused the sinkhole,” said VDOT spokesperson Joan Morris. Workers think a “bad pipe” may be to blame.

Original post from 2:38 p.m. on 10/12 — The ramp from westbound Route 50 to Courthouse Road will likely be shut down throughout the rush hour due to a sinkhole that’s about the size of a tire in diameter and 4-5 feet deep.

Arlington police have blocked off the ramp with orange barrels from the adjacent VDOT utility relocation project, which already had the far left-hand lane of Route 50 shut down.

Two VDOT workers are on the scene evaluating the sinkhole. A VDOT spokesperson is checking to see how long repair work is expected to take.

  • Teyo

    Is the guy in crutches because he fell in the sinkhole?

  • Arlington

    A big pothole / sinkhole formed on I-66 after the Roosevelt Bridge heading west. It’s in the #1 (Left lane). Just want to warn everyone about that one.

    • Brian

      I think you mean just before the TR Bridge.
      It’s in the left side of the left lane. Massive hole and really hard to see as it’s on a bend.

      • Arlington

        It was after the bridge as I had picked up the wife from work yesterday (due to track work) and we were heading back to Arlington.

        • Brian K

          Ahh, then there are two. I assume yours is in DC as WB after the bridge would be there. If you have twitter, tweet @DDOTDC, they are super responsive and will probably fix the pothole that way.

          I need to call VDOT about the other one.

          • cj

            Westbound after the bridge is in DC? This is directionally challenging.

          • Brian K

            Shoot, I’m wrong here. Sorry about that, got my directions messed up. There is still another one EB then right before the bridge. Anyone know how to alert VDOT? (I assume they maintain I-66?)

  • TAllen

    Remember, according to the GOP, President Obama’s proposed $50 billion infrastructure improvement plan is just another needless stimulus program.

    • Lou

      And if the county wasn’t paying consultants half million dollar contracts to do reports on beaver ponds, maybe they could afford to fix their own potholes.

      • Novanglus

        Route 50 is not a County road. VDOT needs to repair it — stimulus money or not.

        • Lou

          It’s on the ramp though. Not sure how that is handled.

    • NorthAdams

      this is a stimuilus project, btw.

      • Lou

        I’m not sure it’s related.


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