Route 50 Lane Closure Will Likely Remain Through End of Year

by ARLnow.com September 21, 2010 at 12:52 pm 2,378 6 Comments

Hopefully you’ve gotten used to the lane closure on westbound Route 50 near Courthouse, because it’s probably sticking around for the holidays.

The lane closure, put into place to facilitate a utility relocation project, was originally supposed to be lifted in July. Now, it will likely be in place through the end of the year.

Washington Gas will wrap up their portion of the utility work by the end of October or beginning of November, according to VDOT utility relocation manager Matthew McLaughlin. Then it’s expected that Dominion will start a two-month installation of an underground electrical conduit. The existing lane closure will stay in place during that time.

The planned two-month duration of the Dominion work “can increase very quickly” in the event of inclement weather, we’re told.

The lane closure has made a tricky merge from Courthouse Road onto westbound Route 50 even trickier. Somewhat ironically, the ultimate goal of the utility relocation work is to prepare for the construction of a safer Route 50/Courthouse Road interchange.

The multi-month delays in the project were caused by additional utility relocations that had to be made due to changes in the interchange construction plan, McLaughlin said.

Photo courtesy Todd DuBois

  • arlvatom

    what year???

  • charlie

    in my many travels around the county and world, I wonder, why is the Beltway reduced from four fat lanes to four skinny lanes and that is okay yet somehow Arlington Blvd has to loose a lane altogether?
    This is a traffic nightmare that is forcing people into the neighborhoods.

  • Sunny617

    At some point, it’s going to get worse. According to something I read from Arlington County earlier this year, they’re eventually going to overhaul the exits/entrances to/from both Courthouse Road and 10th Street to make the Courthouse Road interchange safer (and directionally more logical) and to create an exit from Eastbound 50 onto 10th Street. The traffic during construction is going to suck, but the end result will be much better. As everyone knows, that Courthouse Road exit situation is ghastly, and those of us who live off of 10th St. or Barton St. clog up neighborhood streets because there’s no eastbound exit onto 10th. Progress isn’t always fun.

    • ArlRes

      Why can’t you get off at Washington Blvd from Eastbound 50 if you need to reach 10th Street?

      • Sunny617

        Typically, those of us trying to get to 10th St. (or the a.m. commuters trying to get to the area between Clarendon & Courthouse) turn left from 50 onto Pershing, then turn right and cut across via Barton. But Barton between Pershing & 10th is narrow and very residential, so I imagine the extra throngs of traffic aren’t ideal.
        You can get off at Washington Blvd., but that sends you in a bit of a circle, means dealing with the teeny merge, and just means more traffic dumping into those already congested intersections on Washington.
        I’m not complaining…I really don’t care that I have to get off at Pershing to get home…but I do think the fix at Courthouse Road is very necessary, and since the plan looks like it’s going to tackle both problems with one fix, then that works for me.

  • Aaaand, it’s now March 2011 and there’s no sign of it being even remotely finished. Any update?


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