• Let’s Be Free

    They left out Del Ray.

  • Skeptical


  • JamesE

    Reston is just a short metro trip away in 2025

  • Can we blame iPad for auto-completing our neighborhood spellcheck on that one? It’s now showing Rosslyn in the header. Silly Reston, you belong in your OWN hood: http://reston.wusa9.com.

  • MikeyinCrystalC

    Just disappointed that once again, S. Arlington is left out.

    • Jack

      they are just taking after the arlington county board.

      • MikeyinCrystalC

        So true. 🙁

    • Skeptical

      Actually everything that is not on the Metro corridor is left out. Which is indeed taking after the Arlington County Board.

    • SamsontheCat

      So true. No love for the Southies.

  • Suburban Not Urban

    They mis-spelled Rossyln as Reston – since those are the only constituents the Board cares about.

  • M

    They already fixed it. It’s now Rosslyn.

  • Mark

    Lol, Go to the WUSA9 homepage and check out the “Arlington Police Department” under the link “Community Resources” to learn all about the Arlington Texas Police !


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