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by ARLnow.com October 20, 2010 at 7:20 am 1,597 6 Comments

Kelly Has $10K Cash Advantage — Republican candidate for county board Mark Kelly may not have raised as much money as incumbent Chris Zimmerman but, true to his campaign platform, he also spent significantly less. Kelly had $28,480 cash on hand on Sept. 30, more than $10,000 more than Zimmerman. More from the Sun Gazette.

County Board Questions NOVA Budget Request — Northern Virginia Community College is asking localities to help cover its $14 million capital budget gap, but at a meeting last night the county board seemed less than enthusiastic about doing so in a year when more budget cuts and tax hikes are likely on the way. Currently, Arlington pays $1 per resident to NOVA’s capital budget fund. NOVA is asking for an additional 50 cents per person. More from TBD.

Hillside Park Reopens — At long last, a hilly, wooded park near Rosslyn, cleverly named Hillside Park, has reopened following significant upgrades. More from TBD.

  • TGEoA

    So the idiots on the CB will piss away money on project to make their artsy fartsy friends happy, but can’t pony up for the educational needs of people who mostly come from minority and lower income households?

    Racists, elitist SNOBS.

    • PikeHoo

      Community college is also for the less than stellar progeny of the middle class. And, you ought to be a little tighter with your labeling of a group as “racist.” You’ll just find that it just weakens the effect when you actually do encounter a real racist.

    • Let’s Be Free

      The County Board is going to issue $60 million in revenue bonds (i.e., debt) to fund a trolley that it promotes as extending to the NVCC Alexandria campus. It’s a sick joke. Zimmie and friends invoke NVCC to justify their vanity transportation project and then turn their backs on the institution itself.

  • Let’s Be Free

    And one more point, NVCC’s Arlington Center is landlord for the 300 plus student Arlington Mill High School Continuation Program (located in the high rise behind the Holiday Inn on Fairfax Drive) providng classrooms gratis. That’s rent free Zimmerman.

    Zimmerman’s attitude that NVCC must nevertheless pay tribute to the County Board is spitting in the eye of a fantastic friend, a great partner, and a fabulous neighbor. It is par for the course for a guy who said in October 2001 that Arlington should let the Pentagon burn the next time around, unless it came up with funding for the ACFD. Zimmerman is a political thug and an embarassment to Arlington County.

    NVCC has multiple independent programs as well as programs extending into the high schools tailored for students who want to have careers, trades and occupations that actually serve people on a day to day basis. Further, NVCC offers a low cost transition into the excellent four year colleges operated by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Contingent on academic performance students attending NVCC through the first two years of college are guaranteed admission into one or more of Virginia’s excellent four year institutions including James Madison, George Mason and even UVA itself.

    • Arlingtonian2

      + 1

  • Lou Dobbs

    Hillside Park: Great, now the illegals have their outdoor toilet back.


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