Vandals Strike Langston-Brown Neighborhood

by ARLnow.com October 20, 2010 at 8:24 am 1,804 8 Comments

We’re hearing that vandals slashed the tires on 15-20 cars in the Langston-Brown neighborhood overnight.

Among the streets hit were North Edison Street and North Culpeper Street, near Virginia Hospital Center and Glebe Elementary School.

Police are investigating.

  • PikeHoo

    These are the same types of degenerates who get their jollies from keying cars. The vandals should keep in mind that some people love their cars as much or more than their children…might be a bad ending.

    • Neverbeenslashed (crossing fingers)

      These things seem to usually come back to being perpetrated by the neighbors kids (usually in the 14 yo rebellious phase). Or, every once in a while done by the local service station during recessionary times as a “stimulus” initiative.

    • JamesE

      If I ever caught someone in the act of keying my car I would most likely be arrested for murder. I would take my chance with a sympathetic jury of car lovers.

  • Pete

    Agreed. While I don’t own a car, there are plenty of people armed in Arlington who wouldn’t take kind to this nonsense.

  • Andrew

    How is this fun for them? I cannot recall a time from my childhood when my friends or I thought it would be fun to destroy or damage other peoples’ property.

    If they catch the people/person who did this, assuming it is a kid, parents should be held accountable as well. Perhaps we should bring back tar and feathering, the pillory or whipping post?

    • Clarendude

      You were a good boy. In my school days there was a rash of mailbox smashings. It was a rural area with mailboxes, unlike Arlington. It was always the smartest kids in the school too.

  • Arlingtonian2

    It would be interesting if there has been any recent “tagging” graffiti i.e., in the neighborhood on the backs of parking and stop signs. Could indicate someone other than the neighborhood teens.

  • Street Wise

    10 to 1 it was a group of kids from that neighborhood that are responsible. Very unique neighborhood that HHHVP is.


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