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by ARLnow.com October 21, 2010 at 7:38 am 1,707 9 Comments

I-66 Ignored by Google Maps — If you recently tried to get directions to points west with Google Maps, and you were surprised when the directions included a long stretch on stop-light-heavy Route 50 instead of I-66, now there’s an explanation. The inside-the-Beltway portion of the highway, which is HOV-only at certain parts of the day, is no longer an option for Google Maps users. More from WTOP.

Wardian Profiled by New York Times — Prolific Arlington marathoner Michael Wardian is not running in the upcoming New York City Marathon. In fact, he hasn’t run the race in 12 years. But he was just profiled in the New York Times’ New York City Marathon blog.

Rating Arlington’s Indoor Pools — How do Arlington’s public indoor pools stack up? TBD scribe Jenny Rogers takes a look at the Yorktown, Washington-Lee and Wakefield pools.

  • Sunny617

    That Google thing happened a few years ago too. Then it was working for awhile. Looks like it’s broken again. (Although, seriously, anyone from Arlington who can’t figure out how to take 66 and pick up the Google directions at a later point doesn’t deserve to behind the wheel. Out-of-towners are another story, I guess.)

  • Bk

    I was wondering about that. I got directions to cox farm and it told me to take 50 the whole way. I was thinking this is not right so I got on 66 and my Google based GPS kept telling me to get off at the next exit and take 50.

  • Lostie

    The same thing happens with my Navteq navigation in my VW. It will not put me on roads that have HOV restrictions. It’s frustrating living right off an interstate that your navigation won’t use. I assume it is due to our litigious society’s penchant for suing anyone that puts them in a situation in which they have to use their brains or common sense.

  • Susan

    I thought this has been happening for years? I know i read about it somewhere else (maybe Washington Post) at least a year ago. Google Maps aren’t sophisticated enough to know whether you can drive on the HOV lanes. It does make for some odd directions (i think it is more confusing when trying to get from Arlington to DC).

  • Deb

    Yeah, google maps has always routed me to Route 50 instead of 66 inside the beltway.

  • Arlingtonian2

    The new W & L swimming pool is too small. I was shocked to see it. The old larger pool had been renovated and then was torn down. I think it was better. Haven’t used the Yorktown pool and hope the two new pools for Wakefield are better than the W & L pool – ick.

    • Arlingtonian

      Yeah, I went to the new W&L pool a few times when it first opened, but it was just so crowded, no matter what time of day, that I had to give up on it.

      Nice nickname by the way. 🙂

  • Novanglus

    The only way for Google Maps to solve the I-66 problem is to ask “When are you traveling?” and “How many people in your vehicle?”
    And even that would require having HOV time and occupancy requirements in the Navteq database.

    My Toyota’s GPS doesn’t route me on I-66, or Rock Creek or Clara Barton Parkways (which switch direction at rush hour). When I go there anyway, it tells me “Traffic restrictions apply on this road. Please pay attention to posted traffic restrictions.”

  • NorthAdams

    it used to be that GOOGLE wouldn’t let you on 66 inside the beltway, now it is the other way around. I always thought it was evil powers at work.


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