Hit and Run Driver Rear-Ends Police Cruiser in Courthouse

by ARLnow.com October 22, 2010 at 11:29 am 1,958 18 Comments

The driver of a gray Jaguar, apparently fleeing after a collision in Courthouse, rear-ended a police cruiser two blocks away.

The police cruiser suffered minor damage as a result of the crash yesterday afternoon, on 14th Street near North Barton Street. The Jaguar had significant damage to its rear end — likely caused by the first accident.

No word on what charges the driver might face. So far, police have not confirmed any details surrounding the accident.

  • Greg

    Hahahahahahahaha….. Filed under: “Dumbass.”

  • Black Flag

    I am waiting on someone to make a comment about “illegal immigrants from South Arlington”

    • charlie

      we just assume it is, right?
      and since it is a Jaguar, it is definitely stolen. Or someone was getting it detailed and the staff took it to “dry it off”…
      cool pics, regardless.

      • rob42

        I’ll lol if it turns out to be in fact stolen by an illegal.

        Actually, stolen would explain the hit and run. Either that or drunk. Drunk would also explain two crashes w/in two blocks, so that might the most likely explanation.

        So, a drunk attorney stopped for some lunch time drinks at Rag Time after conducting morning business at the courthouse?

        • charlie

          i think drinking is definitely a potential issue.

          • Lou

            I’ll go with driver having some sort of warrant or suspended license.

      • MyGuess

        Rich kid skips school, takes the parents Jag out for a spin and gets rear-ended or backs into a trash truck. Takes off in a panic and hits cop. I call this the “Risky Business” hypothesis.

        • rob42

          only works if there is a prostitute in the passenger seat

  • Clarendude

    That’s a lot of damage on the rear. What, did he back into a building or something ? It’s Virginia tags, so can’t blame Md. on this one. What vehicle decal is that ? Maybe Falls Church ?

    • Clarendudette

      Looks like an Arlington Decal on the windshield…

    • Greg

      It looks like a green 2009-2010 Arlington vehicle decal, if you’re talking about the one next to the inspection sticker.

    • It’s an Arlington decal.

  • Jorge

    It’s probably some illegal immigrant yuppie…

    • UrsusMajeure

      I really wish these illegals would stop coming to this country and “terkin er jerbs” as lobbyists, laywers and business executives. All they do is spread crime and enrich Jaguar dealerships.

  • NomNom

    Virginia drivers are by far the worst

    • UrsusMajeure

      Sounds like a Maryland driver trying to throw suspicion off of their “devil”-ish ways (so says Graham).

  • katydid

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Wonder if the judges will give this guy the usual slap on the wrist and turn him loose to go do it again.

  • Darwin

    Probably a typical Arlington jerk that thought they were too important to stop after the first crash because they had to get to Whole Foods. Reminds me of the lady in the ARL story a while back that just shrugged her shoulders at the girl on the metro escalator that said she had just been sexually assulted.


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