Man Arrested in Plot to Bomb Arlington Metro Stations

by ARLnow.com October 27, 2010 at 3:19 pm 3,671 25 Comments

A 34-year-old man from Ashburn has been arrested by the FBI, accused of plotting to bomb four Arlington Metro stations.

Feds say Farooque Ahmed thought he was assisting members of al-Qaeda by providing sketches, photos and videos of the Pentagon City, Courthouse, Arlington Cemetery and Crystal City stations. According to prosecutors, he also observed and detailed security procedures in the stations for his handlers, who he believed to be affiliated with the terror organization.

Ahmed collected the information “with the intent to plan and assist in planning multiple bombings to cause mass casualties at Metrorail stations,” the indictment reads.

His goal, according to the indictment, was “to kill as many military personnel as possible.”

Read the full indictment and see more details about Ahmed’s life from TBD and the Washington Post.

Flickr pool photo by Mattron.

  • ballston walker

    God forbid someone make a “bigoted” comment about feeling unease around muslims in the Metro system.

    • RestonRunner86

      Yes, because all Muslims happen to be terrorists! Keep watching FOX News. Gays give you AIDS by shaking your hand, too. Watch out!

      • Dave smith

        sorry not afraid but what was the name again.

      • anon

        Oh, please. I bet even some Muslim Americans have had the tiniest inkling of a thought cross their mind when they see another Muslim on a plane. I don’t think that Juan Williams statement was necessarily bigoted–I think he was expressing a very real and personal anxiety of his that he probably shares with a majority of people including myself. Categorizing the world is part of our nature as human beings. All humans organize the world around them by making quick assumptions and assessments that we most often dismiss. It would be bigoted if we acted on those assessments. Having the thought cross one’s mind is not the same as acting on that thought. Juan Williams mistake was telling the world about his anxiety… not having the anxiety itself.

        My thought when people dismiss his comments as bigotry: Get real. You know you’ve had that thought too.

  • Rosslyner

    yes, Jaun is bigoted. I’m sure he’d never be feeling “nervous” against this muslim lady: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1279049/Miss-USA-2010-Rima-Fakih-Michigan-Muslim-woman-win.html. Quite the opposite, he’d make *her* nervous. Our ignorance is pervasive, specailly when it comes to religions.

  • Westover

    Another reason we need to invest in roads at least as much as in public transportation. Another bridge across the Potomac would be nice.

    • Frog

      Because terrorists haven’t threatened to blow up bridges…

      • Westover

        For cars over the edge vs a train load of folks, I will take my chances in the single car. Also far easier to take out a rail car with a back pack bomb, then to take down a bridge which in this city is checked very regularly by the police.

  • CadeTyler

    What utter nonsense. Why would terrorists need to take pictures of the Metro when all that information is already publicly available? Look, there’s a terrorist assisting photo right at the top of this very page! Arlington Now? More like Allah Now!

    Of course I am joking, I just wish the Feds were a little more imaginative with their busts. This is going to make a very boring CSI or NCIS.

  • Monday Sucks

    I’m sorry, but I can’t help but feel like these “homegrown” terrorists are being entrapped by the FBI. If you read the Washington Post article this post links to, you will read that all of these recent incidences of “homegrown” terrorists were caught by the FBI because they were set up in an FBI sting op. The FBI posed as Al-Qaeda members looking to recruit the accused for help. How did these undercover FBI agents and suspects first meet? Personally, if I were a muslim american right now I would be real suspicious of anybody of my own race I meet now. They could be an undercover FBI agent.

    • el fat kid

      i think they’re trying to see if it ends up leading to more people rather than adding to the charges. it’s not like the courts can throw out everything if there are segments of the investigation that use entrapment techniques to find out if there are other people involved. There’s no shortage of lawyers at the FBI and DOJ to make sure agents say and act within the law during the investigation especially on what is likely to become a high profile case.

    • rob42

      well, for starters, if you’re a muslim american, and somone of your race, or any race, asks you to help commit a terrorist attack, why don’t you try saying no and calling the FBI instead of saying sure, how can I help?

      • SD

        Ding ding ding! Exactly.

      • 240Gawlf

        Haha, well put.

    • Chuck

      “How did these undercover FBI agents and suspects first meet?”
      Who cares? Shouldn’t you be asking why this person seems to want to cause terror?

      “Personally, if I were a muslim american right now I would be real suspicious of anybody of my own race I meet now. They could be an undercover FBI agent.”
      So what if they are an undercover FBI agent? Why should you worry? Are you concerned that they are somehow going to coerce you into becoming a terrorist just so they can arrest you?

    • Real World Economics

      “Personally, if I were a muslim american right now I would be real suspicious of anybody of my own race I meet now. They could be an undercover FBI agent.”

      So it’s OK for a “muslim american” (whatever that is) to be suspicious of other “muslim americans” because they might be FBI agents, but it’s not OK for Juan Williams or the rest of us to be suspicious of “muslim americns” because they might be terrorists?? Love the double standards that exist in our country!

  • Dave smith

    of course not all muslims are terrorists but gee all terrorists have been muslims lately…….. It wasn’t a blond blue eyed scandanavian that shot up fort hood, or murdered david pearl, or attacked the world trade center TWICE…
    maybe we should ask the Israel if they fear orientals or Hamas more…..
    sorry that isn’t being a bigot it’s just the reality of issue.

    • anon

      Because it sure as hell isn’t my 92 year old little granny hijacking planes! Yet for some reason, she was called aside for a “random screening” and the airport last time she flew. What a waste of time, money, and personnel. I mean, seriously?

      What if detectives ignored criminal profilers and witness sketches for fear of being called bigoted when the criminal happens to be a minority. They’d wander around forever never solving a single crime. It’s not racism. It’s called good police work.

      • Vinh An Nguyen

        Because if you only choose to stop people who “look” Muslim, then the easist way to evade detection is to recruit 92 year old grannys.

  • me


  • TGEoA

    Why is he attacking Arlington? There are like a million crappy kebab stores here. Ungrateful a–hole.

    • Chad

      Haahaa!! Finally, someone said something intelligent on this story.
      I mean, c’mon!! Have you tried Ravi Kebab?!? It’s delicious!!

    • Eponymous Coward

      That’s all part of the grand conspiracy: don’t you realize how easy it is to undermine a great nation with substandard kebab? We’re on the brink of destruction by overcooked lamb.

      And seriously, why Arlington Cemetery? That station is deserted. Tourists take the tourmobiles. Finding a crowd at the AC station would be like finding a crowd at Christine O’Connell’s Wiccan rally.

      • Westover

        Arlington Cemetery is not a great target for October, but it sure would be one on Nov. 11, or Memorial Day, or any sunny day in May or June when it is filled with school groups on their DC Trips.

  • I’m Scared

    This is terrible. It makes me not want to take the metro…but I don’t really have a choice.


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