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County Approves Funding for Neighborhood Projects

by ARLnow.com October 28, 2010 at 6:45 am 1,853 18 Comments

The county board has approved $3.87 million to fund ten neighborhood conservation projects.

The projects “will upgrade parks, and improve streets, sidewalks and street lighting in 10 neighborhoods across the County.”

Seven of the ten neighborhoods selected are in North Arlington.

The projects, as detailed in a county press release:

  • Aurora Highlands — $592,280 to improve S. Ives St. – 20th St. S to 23rd St. S  sidewalks, curbs, gutters and street lighting
  • Leeway — $546,738 to improve N. Nottingham St – 22nd St. N to Lee Highway
  • Buckingham — $498,538 to improve pedestrian safety and street lighting, for beautification and the possible replacement of colonial streetlights with Carlyle Style lights
  • Lyon Park — $498,000 to improve and beautify N. Daniel St./9th St. N-Washington Blvd. to 10th St. N sidewalks, curbs, gutters
  • Clarendon-Courthouse — $487,000 to improve Rocky Run Park and N. Barton St., by building two lighted, multi-use courts; renovating playgrounds; building synthetic field, accessible pathways, site furnishings and fencing
  • Old Glebe — $485,100 for N. Old Glebe Road – N. Stafford St. to N Military Rd. historic preservation/park interpretation at Forth Ethan Allen – Madison Community Center
  • Cherrydale — $374,000 to improve N. Kenmore St-S. of Lee Highway to 20th St. S.
  • Boulevard Manor — $353,887 to improve sidewalks, curbs, gutters and street lighting for 1st Street N and N. Montague St.
  • Foxcraft Heights — $12,500 to help community locate, design, build and install a neighborhood sign.
  • Columbia Heights — $12,500 to help community locate, design, build and install neighborhood sign.

  • PGFDE121

    $12,500 for a neighborhood sign? To tell you that you’re in a given neighborhood or for something else? Seems excessive.

    • Skeptical

      I was about to say the same thing. A modest new car costs about that.

      When my budget is so tight that I worry about paying all my bills, I don’t buy expensive new clothes.

    • Christine

      Could probably save money by asking the other neighborhoods where they “located” their signs, and maybe even use a similar design!

    • jan

      Is the comma in the right place?

    • ACB

      I was thinking the same thing, PGFDE121. Does a sign cost that much to make? Does it cost that much to send people out to locations and look for a good spot to put it? Where does that money really go?

      • GK

        You have the one of the local HS woodworking/shop classes design and building. The kids get the pride of seeing their work in public, the county gets needed work done for free for the cost of Home Depot supplies. $12k+ = theft.

    • Juliet Hiznay

      The sign projects pay for more than one sign in each neighborhood. The signs are built to last for decades.

  • Mike

    7 of 10 in North Arlington. Well, I guess we know which side of the county the boards bread is buttered on…

    • Juliet Hiznay

      The County Board does not select the projects. The projects are rated by the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee using a points system, and they are selected by participating neighborhoods. Virtually all neighborhoods in Arlington participate in Neighborhood Conservation. About one-third of neighborhoods in Arlington are located south of Arlington Boulevard. There are times when the majority of dollars funded through this program are for projects located in the southern portion of the county. In short, there is no north-south controversy here.

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  • The upcoming school bond should reset the North/South balance — finally upgrading Wakefield HS. Vote for it!

    • Zoning Victim

      Bonds are simply another way to shift the burden onto the backs of today’s youth. Vote ‘No’ on all bond referendums and force the County Board to do their jobs by running a balanced and well prioritized budget instead of allowing the ridiculous spending increases we’ve seen since 2000 on idiotic programs like this. They’re going to spend over half a million dollars on neighborhood signs and curbs, but they have to saddle the next generation with a $103K bond to upgrade our schools? What a crock. I wish someone would run against these tax and spenders so we could vote out all of the incumbents on the County Board and get some people in here with some sense of fiscal responsibility.

  • Frenchy B

    Scott, looks like you accidentally omitted one of the projects:

    Aurora Highlands — $592,280 to improve S. Ives St. – 20th St. S to 23rd St. S sidewalks, curbs, gutters and street lighting

    • The cut and paste gremlins strike again. Thanks for the heads up.

  • V Dizzle

    The civic associations typically make the decisions on the particulars of these signs (design, placement, text, etc), and yes, they’ll argue over commas, and it will end up being a $12K sign after everyything is said and done. My neighborhood decided to pay someone to hold up our sign and heckle people that leave.

    • Skeptical


      • Dan

        Ditto that !!!

  • CadeTyler

    $12, 500.
    Here’s your sign, indeed.


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