Reminder: Vote For Us in the 2010 ABBIES

by ARLnow.com October 28, 2010 at 8:38 am 1,758 14 Comments

ARLnow.com is nominated for a 2010 Arlington Best Business award, and we need your help to win it.

If you like the original news and information we provide on a daily basis, please vote for us online, under the category “Arlington’s Best Place to Learn Something New.”

Our most formidable opponent in the voting may be the Arlington Public Library (which isn’t really a business, coincidentally). The library won last year, commands considerable loyalty from the community (after all, they give away stuff for free) and has physical outposts around the community where they can post signs and such for thousands to see.

Help us defeat the big, bad library by voting. Thank you!

Disclaimer: The ABBIES are an ARLnow.com advertiser.

  • Let’s Be Free

    Since Diana Kresh’s rationale for relocating the Columbia Pike Branch of the Arlington Public Library was based on economic re-development it is no wonder that the Library would be confused with a business. Vote Arlington Now to reward leadership that is truly public service oriented.

  • Arlington Public Library

    We are Arlington Public Library and we approved this message:

    ARLNow.com isn’t really a place, coincidentally whereas Arlington Public Library has eight wonderful, beloved locations throughout the Arlington community (plus a fantastic website).

    We also take no suspicious outside funding from the ABBIES. We are only beholden to the public. In fact, that’s our middle name–“Public.”

    Re-elect ARLINGTON PUBLIC LIBRARY for “Best Place to Learn Something New.” There will be a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage and free books, CDs, DVDs, downloadables and research portals in every Arlington home and workplace.

    VOTE LIBRARY in 2010.

    • SS

      Looks to me like the Arlington Public Library gets its news from ARLNow too!

    • Oh, we were playing nice before, library, but now IT’S ON.

  • Arlington Public Library

    We are Arlington Public Library and we approve this message:

    SS–Like all good libraries, we monitor a vast array of mainstream media. So of course we read, and love, TBD… er, Ballston-VaSquare Patch.com… Sun Gazette… oops, sorry, ARLNow.com. It’s a unique resource!

    Re-elect Arlington Public Library in 2010. One-of-a-kind and beholden to no one but the “Public.” Best (EIGHT) Place(s) to Learn Something New (and a terrific website too).

    • I hear the library tries to lure young children to its facilities. Just saying.

      • library patron

        That was so wrong.

      • bennynojets

        That is the funniest thing I have read in a while. I just about spit coffee on my monitor.

      • Sara

        Humor Contest: ARLNOW 1, Library 0.

  • Gilbert Leigh

    What a wonderful community resource you are, and so is the public library system. I think it’s too bad you are using your website for that kind of self-advertising. And, there’s a role for both players as information sources; perhaps the Abbie should be split between the two, as places to learn new things.

  • TGEoA

    I voted for the Library.

    • TGEoA

      Just wrote a script to have a few hundred ip addresses under my conrol to vote too.

      • Coming soon: Allegations of voter fraud rock library’s ABBIE campaign.

  • Jan

    This site has proven to be a great resource for the community. If winning an ABBIE is the kinda thing that will help keep it up and running, then I have no problem with occasional self-promotion. ARLNow’s got my vote!


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