Arlington, VA

Did a Patrick Murray campaign volunteer get up in the face Rep. Jim Moran at the Huntington Metro station early this morning, as a Democratic source tells us?

Or did Moran and his son go “ballistic” and direct a “profane tirade” at the volunteer, as the Murray for Congress blog says?

Or, perhaps, both?

With precious few hours left until the polls open tomorrow morning, a shadow of political ugliness has enveloped the 8th District.

Murray first made the accusation against Moran on the Chris Plante radio show on 630 WMAL this morning. Since then, the campaign says a supporter has offered a $1,000 reward “to anyone who can provide video of the incident by 5:00 p.m. tonight.”

Meanwhile, the Moran campaign is firing back.

“For someone that claims to be running on the theme of ‘honor and courage’ this a new low,” a campaign spokesperson said. “These childish acts of desperation are symptomatic of a campaign headed for defeat.”


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