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Moran and Murray Supporters Trade Accusations

by ARLnow.com November 1, 2010 at 2:40 pm 2,459 14 Comments

Did a Patrick Murray campaign volunteer get up in the face Rep. Jim Moran at the Huntington Metro station early this morning, as a Democratic source tells us?

Or did Moran and his son go “ballistic” and direct a “profane tirade” at the volunteer, as the Murray for Congress blog says?

Or, perhaps, both?

With precious few hours left until the polls open tomorrow morning, a shadow of political ugliness has enveloped the 8th District.

Murray first made the accusation against Moran on the Chris Plante radio show on 630 WMAL this morning. Since then, the campaign says a supporter has offered a $1,000 reward “to anyone who can provide video of the incident by 5:00 p.m. tonight.”

Meanwhile, the Moran campaign is firing back.

“For someone that claims to be running on the theme of ‘honor and courage’ this a new low,” a campaign spokesperson said. “These childish acts of desperation are symptomatic of a campaign headed for defeat.”

  • Runaway Train

    I vote for two different candidates!

  • Garrett

    Running on a theme of honor and courage, as well as having a campaign code of ethics does not preclude the Murray campaign from responding to Jim Moran victimizing his volunteers, especially an elderly man. Jim Moran has a 20 year history of these kinds of unsolicited altercations and this new report is, to borrow Moran’s phraseology, symptomatic of an embattled incumbent like Jim Moran.

  • Chris

    Welcome to Arlington, Scott.

    This is what Moran does.

  • TGEoA

    Moran beats women and chokes children. No one should be surprised by this.

    • Westover

      And yet somehow the democratic establishment continues to support him every primary and he will be elected again! Good Grief!

  • DT

    Why does Moran even go out campaigning? His faithful servants in the 8th will pull the “D is for douchbag” lever and he will be overpaid for two more years. Going out in public only increases the chances he will have to get physical with someone. He’s Buffalo-born, Boston-raised guy. They like their politics with fisticuffs.

    • Westover

      He just loves the power, he could increase his income 10 fold going out and lobbying or being a government relations “Consultant”.

  • el fat kid

    from false accusations to name calling… doesn’t sound like Murray’s supporters are the classiest bunch.

    • Westover

      Name calling has sadly been done on both sides, but it is Moran himself and his supporters who have been making the false accusations. I can understand someone’s support of the Democaratic Party’s plank, even if I disagree with much it. I can not understand how the 8th District’s Democratic Party can continue to support a man like Jim Moran, who every two years proves himself to be a bully/thug.

      • el fat kid

        i strongly disagree w/ the characterizations of Moran here… but going w/ your accusations, don’t you want a guy like that on your side?

        I mean, you can’t argue w/ his effectiveness in Congress. He votes w/ his constituents on every social issue, he is extremely influential on expanding protections for the Potomac and the Bay, has a huge amount of sway with the defense industry – bringing high paying jobs to the area and he is very pragmatic on transportation issues. If his passion appears to be bullying to some, i’m alright with it – he’s getting the job done.

  • a’town

    wow. the tea must have been strong this morning.

  • Skeptical

    I find it interesting that so many people accept the Murray campaign’s characterization of whatever incident occurred, even though no one has claimed to be an eyewitness.

    Do I wish the incumbent Congressman were not a man with a history of fisticuffs and a hot temper? Devoutly enough to have voted for one reasonable Republican, a couple of third party candidates and at least one fictional character in past elections. Do I believe past news and law enforcement accounts of his volatile conduct towards other members of Congress, his ex-wife and others? Yes, because sworn statements and disinterested reports exist. Do I therefore buy into a vaguely worded story circulated by a political opponent, before seeing more objective evidence? Cui bono?

    I’ve seen stories like this blown up by political campaigns of every persuasion, Democratic, Republican and Independent, and in some cases “desperate” did describe the maneuver. I’ve seen bad-mannered finger-pointing escalated into an excuse for calling police about an “assault.” Something about this business makes people crazy.

  • Paul

    I tried to ask Jim Moran a question about the 2011 federal budget at an event in Alexandria, and he started verbally attacking me. I was shocked, as I had voted for him many times. He assumed I was some Republican plant… Unfortunately for him, I WAS someone who generally supports the Democratic party. His attack on me means I will no longer support him, or the candidates he supports. We have a nice thug as our Representative.

  • 40yrsinArl

    Ahhh. Moran has brought so much of the defense industry to Arl. That must be why Crystal City is empty and Ballston and Rosslyn are emptying and moving out! Where is NavSup now?


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