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Va. Legislature May Consider Tough Immigration Measures

by ARLnow.com November 15, 2010 at 3:57 pm 2,864 31 Comments

Just when it looked like the hubbub was dying down over Arlington’s failed effort to withdraw from the Secure Communities immigration enforcement program, the Virginia state legislature now appears poised to stir up the immigration hornet’s nest once again.

According to the Washington Examiner, Del. Dave Albo (R-Fairfax) has indicated that he will be introducing bills that will deny driver’s licenses and government benefits for illegal immigrants, while permitting police to check the immigration status of anyone who is taken into custody.

That last proposal is intended to mimic the controversial Arizona immigration law that quickly turned into a hot-button national news story. It would fly in the face of Arlington’s stated policy that “it is not the role of Arlington County law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws.”

“I hope the General Assembly will examine these measures very carefully,” said Del. Bob Brink (D), who represents part of Arlington. “I’m concerned that, in addition to their potential for stigmatizing some Virginians, they could actually make the work of law enforcement more difficult.”

Brink added that he wants to talk with Arlington’s public safety officials “to get their reaction to the proposed bills.”

Albo, meanwhile, told the Examiner that he doesn’t think his immigration bills stand much of a chance of passing the Democratic-controlled state senate, although he predicted the bills would likely pass the Republican-controlled House of Delegates.

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  • Kevin

    Can illegal immigrants currently get a drivers license?

    • Brit

      No, they can’t. Details are all here http://www.dmvnow.com/webdoc/citizen/legal_presqa.asp.

      I’m a legal immigrant and it was tough enough.

    • LawAbider

      Just drive around the Bailey’s Cross Roads and Falls Church area that should answer your questions. They are obviously getting DLs somehow, probably some other illegal act as well.

      • MB22204

        Pray tell how you were able to identify these drivers in Bailey’s Crossroads and Falls Church as “illegal immigrants”? Oh yeah, I bet you looked at their skin color and assumed that was their status. Sounds like you belong in the Virginia House of Delegates.

  • Paco

    Albo? Is that an American name? Doesn’t sound like it. Sounds foreign.

  • GuillermoGarciaGomez

    way to go tea-baggers, shaking up the halls in Richmond to mimick you’re cohorts in Phoenix. Now that we’re rounding up and locking “them” up, who in the 3 wealthiest counties of Northern Virginia are going to stick around and swing hammers, push lawnmowers, or nanny overprivileged suburban kiddies? You think enough, or any of these teenage and 20-something primadonna’s will? Imagine that, people around here will have to lower their standard of living and maybe even take on a manual labor job.

    • Doug

      I think I’ll take you up on your proposal >>>>rounding up and locking “them” up<<<<< wow; I do like how that sounds except when do you get around to deportation? soon I hope.

  • magyart

    I support what’s in the proposed bill, but I don’t understand it. Illegals presently can’t get DLs. Police officers are permitted to check anyone’s immigration status. They might not do it, but nothing, except Arlinghton, prevents them from making an inquiry to ICE.

    Hopefully every county in VA, will soon be participating in Secure Communities.

    • rcw

      It is called grandstanding and political theater

  • LawAbider

    All I can say is it’s about time. Virginia and the rest of the states need to do whatever it takes to take back our country. We are being invaded by illegal aliens and it’s about time Virginia has opened it’s eyes, now all we have to do is get the federal government on board and just maybe we can get our country back. It’s sickening to even think that illegal aliens are knowingly in our country and our government is not doing anything about it, that is of course you’ve been fingerprinted which probably counts for less than one percent of the estimated 20 million.

    • que_de_que

      OH NO! this country is being OVERRUN with illegals! run for the hills!!

      make all the arguments you want about deporting criminals who are here illegally- i support that. but not comments like yours, which come across as ignorant and xenophobic.

    • GuillermoGarciaGomez

      “OUR COUNTRY”? Wow, If only that mentality was rallied by the Cherokee, Iroquois, Seminole, Algonquin, Navajo, (shall I go on) was rallied when the white man first came ashore. Sorry pal, it’s not OUR country, you’re a bigot. Go crawl in a hole somewhere in the hills dude.

      • Sorry buddy, I was born in this country. It is mine as much as any of the Indians…
        All we are asking is that people follow the law and enter this country legally, if they can…

    • GuillermoGarciaGomez

      Oh, and how ironic… open a history book, the southwestern USA states were once part of Mexico.

      • Doug

        Same history books might show a war; somebody won and somebody lost. Life is a beach, huh?

  • McGruff

    Where you have Mexicans, you get Mexicos…

  • TSki

    I’m so glad that our politicians have fixed all of our other problems so they can focus on attacking poor, undocumented, manual laborers. It was a good idea to make it so people don’t get photo identification and drivers licenses. Before 9/11 at least we had some record of who people were and whether they could at least drive. I think we need to have some guys riding around on the backs of trucks wearing brown shirts checking on anyone who looks foreign to make sure they have their ‘papers’. We could also require those who are here on a green card to wear a star on their arms so we know they are legal too.

  • KalashniKEV

    Wow… lots of negativity here.

    I for one am extremely happy to see a politician introducing legislation in the interest of his constituents. As for the previously mentioned criminal aliens in Bailey’s and FC, you’d have to be a moron not to know they’re illegai- what I want to know is, “What makes you think they have a VA DL?” Just because they’re driving a car??? HAHahahahahah… that was a good laugh!

    There is only one path for Criminal Aliens once they infiltrate our borders- pursuit, capture, detainment, and deportation.

    • MB22204

      You would have to be engaging in racial profiling if you’re making assumptions in people’s appearances, saying that by just looking at them you know whether or not they are authorized to be in the U.S.

      • KalashniKEV

        MB, don’t say it like it’s a bad thing. Everyone is a student of human behavior, no matter how oblivious they strive to be. Come take a ride with me and I’ll bet you $5000 I can point to one.

        We’ll put him up against the wall, pull his card, and verify that he is, in fact, a criminal… and guess what?

        Nothing will happen. ACPD won’t do anything.

        We need to say “NO” to crime, poverty, social parasitism, and disease and restore the rule of law, and respect for our national sovereignty. It’s what’s best for our communities. It’s what’s best for our children.

        • TSki

          Is this a fantasy of yours? Perhaps you could wear some jack boots and brown shirts when you and your friends do this. I’m sure you know an illegal when you see one and I’m sure a lot of cops think they can pick ’em out too. There were a lot of people in Munich who thought they could pick out a Juden when they saw him.

  • Helen

    “Stigmatize some of our Virginians.” How can someone here illegal be a Virginian?

  • rft

    I, for one, support an immigration policy that makes it difficult for doctors and engineers to immigrate to the US, but allows unfettered immigration for gardeners and dish washers. Yay, caste system!

  • BoredHouseWife

    I am just glad I am not a Hispanic with an accent,

    • Doug

      Please tell me what does this have to do with anything…..Hispanic with or without an accent????

  • LawAbider

    I could sit here and respond to all the comments made in response to my comments but one thing I think a lot of you are missing are these people come to the US illegally. It’s not about bigotry, it’s not about your color or the language you speak it’s about respecting US laws. I have several friends who are from many different countries and they are all wonderful legal people. Ignorant I’m not, aware of what’s happening to our communities and the country I am guilty. “xenophobic”, well I’m glad you finally found a use for your newly learned big word, doesn’t deserve a response. “OUR COUNTRY”, yes our country, am speaking in present day. And to KalashniKEV, I’m with you man and you are correct I made an assumtion, my bad.

    • que_de_que

      Say what you feel without resorting to claims of “invasions” and perhaps your argument will make some sense rather than make you sound like a loony. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – people who make your type of arguments need to get off their high horses about this being a “nation of laws” – i don’t see any rallies against teens smoking marijuana or angry mobs complaining about speeding drivers on I-95. I’m as much a law abider as the next guy. What I want to know is, why does this particular infraction cause you so much angst?

  • KalashniKEV


    Thanks bro… it’s actually very simple to understand these people’s mentality because it’s the only play in their book- when the facts don’t support your argument (and they never do) turn to emotion and SPIN, SPIN, SPIN it up as high as you can go with graphic imagery, ridiculous tales, and sorrow.

    They learn it as children and they never grow up… Just look at Keith Olbermann.

  • Arlington, Northside

    Until we have reform that includes a massive increase in the number of visas issued to unskilled labor this problem will continue. The jobs and wealth in this hemisphere are in the United States, those with little to lose willhave every incentive to cross the border any way they can to make a better life for their family. We need to figure out a way to let them in legally so that we can track them and tax them for the services they consume. Just rounding them up and sending them back just means we will waste resources again when they circle back. More work visas so that they cross at the border and get counted is the only solution that will work.

    • Jason S

      With such high unemployment, it is likely that we need to push some unemployed people into the roles filled by illegal immigrants. Tough? Yup. It strikes me as strange to see high national unemployment and a need for unskilled labor, which is something by definition you do not need skill to do.

  • Shannon

    I realize that this country is made up of many people from many nations, races, ect. Personally, I have no problem with one that comes to the country but let’s make it legal on all accounts. The thing that bothers me most is that illegals are provided health care, housing, food ,ect. I have elderly people who have served in WW 2 and people who have worked years here who are natural born citizens and yet when they need government assistance they are denied. That’s just wrong on all accounts!!! Another thing is if any one of us were to go set up house in another country.. we would be expected to learn the language. No ifs and’s or but’s about that. Come to America and learn the language, work hard, be legal and pay in the pot like everyone else and be happy!


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