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Winter Parks and Rec Course Catalog Released

by ARLnow.com December 8, 2010 at 9:31 am 1,708 6 Comments

Want to do more with your free time this winter? Tired of spending the cold weather months hibernating in your house or apartment with nothing productive to do?

Arlington’s parks and rec department has released its latest course catalog, with more than 250 options for exercising the mind and body.

New classes this term include:

  • A Broadway Fitness class at the Madison Community Center
  • Boxing 101 at the Barcroft Sports Center
  • A “Flirty Girl Fitness” class, utilizing “the hottest dance moves, from the club scene to exotic dancing,” at the Barcroft Sports Center
  • An advanced robotics course for ages 7-15 at the Madison Community Center
  • A birdhouse building class at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center
  • A voice training class at the Walter Reed Community Center

Online registration begins on Dec. 14. Find more information on the classes and the registration process here.

  • DT

    In order to register for the flirty girl fitness class, do you have to bring in proof you have multiple children by multiple men or will the c-section scars suffice?

    • mehoo

      A tramp stamp, or a certificate from a licensed tattoo parlor indicating your intention of getting one within 30 days, will suffice.

  • The Mothership

    Thanks for plugging the catalog. Non-news? Maybe. Maybe not. The classes and the organizing that go into them are a huge undertaking and a huge plus to Arlington’s quality of life.

  • rft

    why is it that the listed item I found most interesting is for children? When am I supposed to grow out of finding robotics interesting and into finding birdhouse building interesting?

    • mehoo

      Some solutions:

      – have kids, play with their robots when they go to bed
      – grow up and become old and bitter like the rest of us
      – two words: robotic birdhouse

  • charlie

    Great stuff.
    Two questions:
    How close to cost recovery are these fees?
    How many of these printed brochures are put out and at what expense and how does this type of printing and mailing fit into our policies for being Green?
    Let the flaming begin….


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