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by ARLnow.com December 10, 2010 at 6:55 am 1,862 21 Comments

Torrez Sentencing Today — The sentencing of former Marine and convicted rapist Jorge Torrez will be held in Arlington County Circuit Court today.

Chairman Zimmerman — Chris Zimmerman will likely serve as county board chairman in 2011, taking the reins from Jay Fisette. An official announcement is expected to be made on Tuesday. More from the Sun Gazette.

Webb Headlines Annual Chamber Meeting — The 86th Annual Meeting of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce will be held at the Sheraton National Hotel on Columbia Pike today. Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) is the keynote speaker for the luncheon event. Others expected to attend include state delegates Adam Ebbin and David Englin, County Manager Barbara Donnellan, and numerous county elected officials.

  • PikeHoo

    I’d like that picture better with a street car in it.

  • g_clifford_prout

    Hey Hoo.

    I was just about to say the same thing. If they’re tearing up this section of the Pike on a daily basis why don’t they just build in the tracks like DC did on H St. NE. If you build it, the street car will come.

    • Lou

      They have to go begging to the Fed’s for the money first. The county’s credit card is just about maxed out.

      • mehoo

        The debt has nothing to do with it. A locality with zero debt would still need, and ask for, federal money for a project like this.

        • Lou

          So if they had enough money to build it themselves, they would still need to ask for federal money? I’m not following you.

          • Andrew

            Why spend local money for a local project if you can get federal money and use the local money for something else?

          • Lou

            Well, we were talking about “need” vs “want”. Fact is, the federal money that they “need” is not guaranteed, and that gets to the root answer as to why tracks are not going down.

          • mehoo

            No city has money enough to do a major transit project on its own. That’s what I’m saying. It’s not about debt.

          • The Pope of South Arlington

            It’s called pork barrel spending – Moran will grease the local politicians with an earmark for whatever they want in return for their support. Putting a trolley on Colombia pike is like polishing the brass on the titanic!

  • charlie

    yeah, only losers pay for things themselves.

    • Burger


      You are right. One person’s trolley is another’s “bridge to nowhere”

      • mehoo

        Except the trolley isn’t a bridge to nowhere. It will cost alot less, serve alot more people, and enable alot more economic growth than the real “bridge to nowhere.”

        • Bender

          Not building it will cost me nothing, which is a lot less than building it, which will cost me something. If we don’t build it, I will pay nothing. If we build it, I pay more in taxes, as well as more in time and frustration being stuck behind these things in traffic, not to mention the uglification of my neighborhood.

        • Burger

          Someone else’s bridge to no where is your trolley. Maybe you are to thick to understand because most of your post seem to revolve around a basic lack of economic understanding. You object to the use of your federal dollars to pay for a bridge in Alaska, I’m going to take a wild stab and say someone in Alaska is going to object to the use of federal dollars for a Trolley along Columbia

          It is the same exact thing. If Arlington wants the trolley they should come up with their own money to pay for it.

    • mehoo

      Arlington is still part of the United States. People outside Arlington who pay taxes will use the trolley. You go to other cities and use their trains and buses and roads, and buy or sell stuff shipped by trucks on those roads. It makes perfect sense for the feds to be supporting transportation, even a local trolley.

      • Burger

        Alaska is still part of the United States. People outside Alaska who pay taxes will use the bridge. You go to other cities and use their roads, and buy or sell stuff shipped by trucks on those roads. It makes perfect sense for the feds to be supporting transportation, even a local bridge.

        See…same argument just you live in Arlington and the people wanting the bridge live in Alaska.

  • CrystalMikey

    Hope the book is thrown at the disgrace of a Marine.

    • PikeHoo

      Agreed. Put this human garbage away for life.

  • The Pope of South Arlington
    • mehoo

      Cool site, thanks!

    • Just retweeted that link; thanks! A must view…great photos.


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