Arlington, VA

(Updated at 3:40 p.m.) This police blotter item is just too good to save for Wednesday’s weekly crime report. A 22-year-old man is accused of stealing a golf cart from a local mall and driving it on the interstate… while drunk.

GRAND LARCENY AUTO-ARREST, 1/3/2011, 4200 block of Wilson Boulevard On December 30 at 5 am, an officer pulled over a subject driving a golf cart on the interstate. The driver was intoxicated and the golf cart had been stolen from a mall. Everths Moran-Reyes, 22, of Fredericksburg, was charged with Driving Under the Influence, Grand Larceny of an Automobile and Driving While Suspended. He was held on a $15,000 bond.

An officer pulled the golf cart over as it was getting passed by tractor trailers on westbound I-66. The cart belonged to the security department at Ballston Common Mall, we’re told. Police say they’re still trying to figure out how the man managed to steal it (allegedly).

One interesting fact in all this is that you can apparently be charged with driving under the influence while driving a golf cart.


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