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Sean Lennon to Perform at Iota Club Tonight

by ARLnow.com January 11, 2011 at 6:55 am 3,802 29 Comments

Encountering musician Sean Lennon is a bit like encountering Jesus. He performs miracles, like dating smoking hot model Charlotte Kemp Muhl, and his gentle mannerisms and humble outward appearance belie the fact that he’s the son of a deity.

(It goes without saying, of course, that John Lennon and the Beatles were considerably more popular than Jesus.)

Lennon and Kemp Muhl will be performing at Iota Club in Clarendon (2832 Wilson Blvd) tonight with their band, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger.

The GOASTT, as the group is known, has been touring Europe and the U.S. They performed on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Wednesday.

The band’s latest CD, Acoustic Sessions, was released in October.

Tickets for tonight’s show are $15. Brooklyn-based experimental vocalist Julianna Barwick is the opening act.

  • Greg

    Too bad their music is a bland recycling of three years ago’s indie pop.

  • el fat kid

    I’m pretty tolerant of all kinds of music but every time i’ve heard sean lennon play at festivals i’ve had to leave to get a beer and use the restroom. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of other people share that opinion of him and the lines blossom the longer you try to tolerate it.

  • Not A Rock Star

    Sean Lennon is the son of a good songwriter from one of the most over-rated bands in history. Yes, the Beatles are over-rated. I’ll add U2, Metallica, and Eric Clapton to that list as well.

    Flame away! Or, contribute your over-rated or under-rated artists. Please, keep Sean Lennon off of the under-rated list.

    • Rover

      I’ll second your motion that the Beatles are over rated. There are at least three British bands of the same era better.

    • The Pope of South Arlington

      Here is wisdom!

    • The Pope of South Arlington

      Then again, if you want a proper water-boarding of the ears, you need go no further than Bruce Springsteen.

  • TGEoA

    The Beatles were more popular than Jesus? The Vatican alone pulls more money in each year than any of the Beatles best peforming years.

    • mehoo

      Money isn’t the same thing as popularity.

      • Mkt Common

        All the economists in the world are looking at you with raised eyebrows right now. In their world (backed up by study after study), money is an excellent proxy for how people perceive value, happiness, rank their preferences, etc & so forth.

  • SuZette

    The next time any of you can create music as beautiful, complex and innovative for the time period AND gain fame to the level of the Beatles or any one of their members then maybe, just maybe, I’ll consider your rants. I’d be interested to hear the kind of music you listen to.

    • Rover

      I don’t think anyone here said they had talent or fame. In fact, I don’t think anyone said the Beatles didn’t have talent. Why do all Beatles fans get in an uproar when somebody suggests there may be others more talented?

      • SuZette

        I think most people would defend the music they listen to. Saying the Beatles are over-rated is suggesting that their talent is mediocre. And I would agree that there are other talented British bands (i.e. Led Zeppelin), but none have accomplished the level of fame as the Beatles. Regardless of talent, it’s a fact that the Beatles were and probably still are the most famous rock band to exist. I didn’t say the best, I said the most famous. You can’t deny facts. And I would defend any band that I listen to, not just the Beatles.

  • Rover

    Any money is why Paul McCartney continues to show up in the media and play events. He sounds terrible and his songwriting since Wings has been less than memorable.

  • got off of my Jesus

    You are way out of line to compare the Beatles to Jesus. I am a Beatles fan but I can guarantee you that I would rather go to church every Sunday than give it up to see the Beatles every Sunday. I am so tried of constantly having to defend my faith against ignorant people like you. You state it as if no one would be offended.

    • mehoo

      You’re not much of a Beatles fan if you don’t know that John Lennon was the one who said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, back in 1966.

      • jenn

        THANK YOU. i was hoping somebody would point that out!

    • el fat kid

      bee in the bonnet?

    • Lulu

      No one was questioning your faith in saying the Beatles are more popular than Jesus. Besides, mehoo is right, you’re not much of a Beatles fan if you didn’t know those were the words of John Lennon. So in this case, you seem to be the ignorant one.

    • R.Griffon

      They weren’t talking about The Beatles; they were talking about Sean Lennon. And I think they meant Jesus, that guy from South Arlington who does lawncare up in Lyon Village. Unshaven, kinda scruffy lookin. REALLY nice guy and does good enough work, but you really don’t wanna hang out with him on a personal level. Smells like day-old empanadas.

      I think they nailed it.

    • charlie

      no, you are.
      to many people, Jesus is a mythical person made up as part of a political movement now called christianity.
      the beattles are actually real.
      sorry, quit assuming everyone believes in Jesus.
      I don’t so for me, the statement is TRUE.

  • OddNumber

    Is the venue or the artist paying for this “advertisement”?

  • Jennifer

    I love Sean’s music but this article is all kinds of blasphemy. Let’s learn how to separate man from God and not even go there. I agree the Beatles were/are overrated to a degree, but they were also the best pop/rock band of the 20th century. And I personally would place Sean’s daddy at the very top of all-time songwriters. Aside from this, they were just guys and Sean is just a dude. Respect.

    • Music Critic

      If you took a snapshot in time, say in the late 1960s, then the Beatles were the hottest thing since sliced bread. However, they ended in 1980. More prolific British acts of the same time have certainly been proven to be the Rolling Stones, Who, and Kinks. What would have happened if the Beatles stayed together in 1970? Who knows? Would they still be as loved as they are now? Or, would they be thought of as a group who should have given it up in 1970? We’ll never know. So, embrace what you enjoy and to hell with everyone else! I maintain the best music is that which is not in the mainstream, even from mainstream artists.

      • Music Critic

        Typo…. ended in 1970.

  • notahoo

    The photo makes him look like a total tool. Great marketing idea.

    • R.Griffon

      Tool. Now THERE’s a band I can get behind.

  • North Adams Snob

    …wow. A “Just how great/bad/overrated are the Beatles” conversation on a local blog in, uh, 2011. Amazing how this argument continues to have legs. I will make a point of avoiding this show, however. I had the (mis)fortune to see Sean Lennon when he cruised thru for the Free Tibet concert in the 90’s (remember Tibet? It was Darfur before Darfur was cool. Snark). Anyhoo- the apple did indeed fall pretty far from the tree, and he’s not even in the same galaxy musically as his dad (ahem, who also benefitted from a creative partnership with a certain Paul McCartney).

    • Obvious

      Obviously the reason for these “legs” is the article on a Beatle’s son, and the reference to Jesus which a Beatle portrayed himself larger than. If that isn’t over rated, I don’t know what is.

      • North Adams Snob

        Er. I suppose so. Lennon made his statement in 1965 (?), 45 years is a long time for that comment to still resonate IMHO. As for the “a Beatles’ son” angle, I suppose so. Shrug. I love the Beatles, but I ain’t about to shell over $15 to endure John Lennon’s offspring trite warbling (as noted in original post-been there, done that).


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