Accident Closes Northbound Sycamore Street

by ARLnow.com January 28, 2011 at 9:10 am 1,659 9 Comments

(Updated at 9:25 a.m.) The northbound lanes of Sycamore Street are closed near I-66 and the East Falls Church Metro due to a vehicle collision, authorities said this morning.

Four people were injured in the three-vehicle collision.

It was the second crash at the intersection in nearly two weeks. See a photo of the earlier accident here.

  • BallstonDude

    Could they please clean up Military Rd?

    I’m not talking about the half-assed job they did.

    • mehoo

      I don’t know what it looks like on Military, but once the snow is packed and/or frozen – which this mix of snow and rain was especially likely to do – it’s almost impossible to plow it off.

      • BallstonDude

        Very true. I saw front end loaders cleaning the…. metered parking spots but not the roadway, both of which were solid.

        • Rick

          HA! I saw that too. All the spots on Quincy in front of Quincy Plaza were being cleared but Randolph had barely been touched between fairfax and washington.

  • KArlington

    When I drove by close to 8 am, there was a fender bender about 100 yards before I66 entry ramp on northbound sycamore…didn’t look bad enough to warrant street closing so there must have been another. The streets around metro had lots of icy/slushy patches.

    • charlie

      traffic cams show sycamore moving between 66/washington blvd, so, what gives?

  • Shane

    There’s wild driving on Sycamore all the time, but particularly at rush hour. People don’t think once, never mind twice, about the ACPD enforcing traffic laws.

    • JamesE

      I’ve seen a tow truck speeding through there once going at least 60 mph, probably rushing to the scene so some horrible parking violator doesn’t get away.

  • y8s

    I drive through this intersection every day and see a lot of people either oblivious to or apathetic to the fact that the left turn lanes are not green simultaneously for oncoming traffic. That means that stopping before turning right means looking for oncoming left turns.

    It also means pedestrians need to wait for their little walky signal guy to avoid crossing against left turn traffic they may not see barreling down at them (at the legal limit or otherwise).

    I once saw a jogger (I’m not making this up) waiting to cross washington from the metro station corner start jogging across as her light turned from yellow to red. I know not everyone is stupid or in a jogging-induced haze, but maybe there’s something about this intersection that makes people dumb.


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