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Fire Breaks Out in Basement of Aurora Hills Home

by ARLnow.com February 11, 2011 at 9:00 am 2,238 15 Comments

Fire broke out in the basement of a stately Aurora Hills home just before 5:30 last night.

The family that was living in the house evacuated as the flames grew larger. Firefighters rushed to the scene and were able to extinguish the fire within 10 minutes. Some smoke and water damage was evident, but no one was hurt.

Property records indicate the home, on the 1000 block of 26th Street S., belongs to a former top FCC official.

  • fred

    Jonathan S. Adelstein?? Who is now at USDA?


  • Stately?

    The Penguin did it.

  • CW

    Is this news by itself or is it only news because 1) it was a really nice house and/or 2) there happened to be someone nearby with an professional digital camera and good photographic composition skills?

    Seriously though, the reflections in the water in the first picture are pretty sick.

    • Westover

      The site reports many house fires in the county. It is news if it is your neighbor’s house.

      • CW

        I know – I was just asking.

        If it was your neighbor’s house, I’d hope that this website would NOT be the way that you find out about it!

        • Westover

          I didn’t get home from the office until 10:30pm last night….

          • CW

            Sucks to be you, but you probably would have smelled the residual smoke and charred building materials.

          • Westover

            In my neighborhood Thursday-Sunday night we get that aroma from the delicious smoking of meats at Westover Market. Yum Yum!

          • CW

            You just made me very hungry…

    • You nailed it — both 1 and 2. There really aren’t that many house fires in Arlington, so when we have photos from one it’s also nice to highlight the work of our firefighters.

      Thanks for the complement on the photography, by the way.

      • Sheriff Gonna Getcha

        Yeah getting the fire out in 10 minutes is impressive on the part of the fire department. With fires, every second counts, takes very little to lose an entire house…. job well done.

  • MyHood

    Anyone know whether the dogs made it out okay? They have two beautiful Huskies.

    • CW

      Well, unless the dogs were locked in the basement or are incapable of climing stairs, I’d say they’re alright.

  • BeautifulHusky


  • Bluemont John

    I smell residual smoke and charred Husky materials. Yum!

    OK, terrible. Hope they’re OK.


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