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Shirlington Road Shut Down Due Pedestrian Accident

by ARLnow.com March 8, 2011 at 5:16 pm 2,616 19 Comments

(Update at 9:10 p.m.) Police shut down Shirlington Road between Arlington Mill Drive and Four Mile Run this evening to investigate a pedestrian accident.

Injuries were initially said to be serious, but we’re now told the victim is expected to be okay.

Arlington Police spokeswoman Det. Crystal Nosal would not confirm whether or not the driver stayed on scene after the accident, nor whether an arrest was pending.

  • Jogger

    I wonder if the accident occurred at the pedestrian cross walk that leads to the bike trail. Most driver’s don’t yield the right of way, and although I’m careful not to walk or run across if cars are coming, speeding cars have come very close to me several times.

    • SouthArlJD

      Drivers are in a rush in that area. It’s too close to 395 and a lot of them don’t pay much attention and it’s so busy much of the time it can be hard keeping track of the pedestrians when you’re focused on the cars coming and going from different directions. They really should install some of those blinking yellow lights such as they have at Columbia Pike and South Frederick Street.

  • Runaway Train

    Arlington recently put in blinking lights in this area because it was identified as a difficult area for bikers and pedestrian. It has improved the intersection some, but you still take your life in your hands.

  • MB
  • Maria

    Here, I’ll take care of this thread for everyone:

    “Pedestrians are idiots who NEVER look before walking into the street!”

    “No, drivers are careless and NEVER yield the right of way to pedestrians!”

    “Well, bikers act like the worst of cars AND pedestrians!”

    There. It’s done. No need for the 50th fight about this.

    • Spoilsport

      • Maria

        I do what I can.

    • MB

      Muchas gracias.

  • DT

    As a cyclist I have crossed this route many times. I agree, this is very dangerous even with the new blinking lights. There needs to be a more permanent structure that would separate multi-use traffic from automobile traffic entirely. This intersection is too busy and too much of a risk to keep waiting for another tragedy to occur. This is a good opportunity to hold Arlington accountable for our safety.

    • LyonSteve

      Let’s build a bridge then put a toll on it.

      And ban bikes from crossing this road.

  • FrankIsAnIdiot

    It takes both the pedestrians and the drivers to make this work. Pedestrians have the stupid idea they can just keep texting and walk out into the street without even looking up. I know because I drive this every morning and I see it every day.
    And if they’re not texting, they just walk out because they think they have some unknown right to do so. Not that I have any opinions on this you see…..

    • local

      That’s a great opportunity to sneak up on them and then scare the hell out of them with your horn. It’s for their own good too.

    • Good time

      Much like the drivers texting, putting on make-up, or eating breakfast? Dude, it goes both ways…..

    • Maria

      Hey, I already had this argument above! No need to rehash.

  • Michael

    Why am I expected to share the road with bicyclists who are careless, reckless, and wear black clothing from head to toe?

    • local

      Same reason you’re expected to share the road with motorists who are careless, reckless, and wear black from head to toe. Okay, it breaks down at the part about wearing black.

  • Pike Rider

    Worst pedestrians? Those wearing military camo fatigues and texting or talking on a cell phone while jaywalking at dawn, dusk, night.

    WHY is there no enforcement of pedestrian and bicycle ordinances in Arlington?

    • CLD

      Dude, the person was IN the crosswalk! What does that have to do with jaywalking?? And for FrankIsAnIdiot, the person does have a legal right to walk out into that crosswalk. It would be ashame for a motorist to have to sit through a cycle of the traffic light there b/c a pedestrian or cyclist decided to cross, legally, in that crosswalk.

  • DT



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