Ebbin Picks Up Endorsements of N. Va. Delegates

by ARLnow.com March 23, 2011 at 2:34 pm 2,104 8 Comments

The battle lines are still being drawn in the race to replace state Sen. Patsy Ticer.

In the battle of endorsements, the current divisions among Democratic candidates are quite clear. Del. Adam Ebbin has the support of fellow state delegates. Alexandria City Councilman Rob Krupicka has the support of fellow Alexandria officials. And Arlington School Board Chair Libby Garvey has the endorsement of Ticer herself.

Ebbin officially announced the endorsement of ten members of the House of Delegates from Northern Virginia this morning. Those supporting him include local Dels. Bob Brink and Patrick Hope.

“Adam Ebbin is ready to be the next Senator from District 30,” Brink said today in a statement. “With his experience in the House, he will be prepared to hit the ground running on day one.”

“A founding member of the Progressive Caucus, Adam Ebbin has a record that speaks for itself,” said Hope. “He’s a leader Northern Virginians will be able to count on in the Senate.”

The primary is scheduled for Aug. 23.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Adam has my vote! He has always done us Northern Virginians proud down in Richmond.

    Vote EBBIN!

  • 1234

    Feh. My one inter-personal interaction with he and his handlers left me with the distinct impression that he’s at best pushy and at worst an arrogant bully with an abysmally poor understanding of the fact that he serves his constituents.

    • And it looks like he is sporting a comb-over.

    • AllenB

      Interesting… that’s the exact opposite of my dealings with him.

      • MB

        Indeed, my experience tracks yours.

        I’m a fan of both Garvey and Ebbin, and I think Wayne’s observation below is spot on (and I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t end up tipping toward Ebbin, tho all are legit choices).

      • lo

        I’ve always had great dealings with him as well. Maybe 1234 caught him on a bad day? I hope so, anyway!

  • Wayne Kubicki

    As a GOP observer – all of these endorsements are nice, and are following pretty much true to form. This primary, which will probably have very low turnout due to the late August date, will be decided by who can mount the best traditional “ground game” – ID’ing folks who will vote for you, and then making sure they show up on election day (or vote absentee).

    Del. Englin, who has not endorsed anyone yet (though I believe his wife is doing stuff for Krupicka), excelled at this. Methinks David’s endorsement (assuming he does endorse) would be something to watch here.

  • John Andre

    My question…who will run in the 49th Delegate district?

    Since I’m in Mary Margaret Whipple’s Senate district, I can’t support any of the candidates in Patsy Ticer’s district


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