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Clint Eastwood Film ‘J. Edgar’ Filming in N. Arlington Tonight

by ARLnow.com March 30, 2011 at 3:30 pm 4,408 42 Comments

Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar Hoover biopic, which has been filming in downtown D.C. and Warrenton, Va., will come to Arlington tonight.

A county official we talked to confirmed that filming is expected to take place in North Arlington tonight, but could not reveal the exact location or exact time. Neighbors have been notified of the production plans, the official said.

No word yet on whether the film’s star, Leo DiCaprio, or its star director will be on set.

Update at 4:45 p.m. — The movie is filming in the Donaldson Run area, near Marymount University. Here’s the letter the production crew sent to neighbors:

Dear Neighbors,

Tuesday evening, March 29th we will be parking production vehicles involved with the filming of the Warner Brothers film entitled, “J.Edgar” in the Leaf Mulch Site on 26th St. N. and Yorktown Blvd.

We will be filming scenes for the motion picture nearby in Arlington. The vehicles will be parked in the lot starting Tuesday evening and will be in place until the end of day Thursday, March 31st.

We understand we are guests in your neighborhood and we will do our best to ensure that our brief stay is a pleasant one for all.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the number below.

Thanks again and we look forward to the opportunity to be your temporary neighbors this week.



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  • Hokie

    Not if their trucks are stuck in all the traffic gettign off Rt. 50…

  • Rebecca

    yeah? because they can’t just go an alternate route from DC?

  • Ballston

    Ahhhh that explains the “J Edgar” and “Base Camp” signs I saw on N Glebe near Marymount this morning. Interesting.

    • david

      I saw another sign setup that was directing people down N. 26th Street.

  • haha! i didnt know people still used route 50! but seriously if you are a neighbor that has been informed of the film crew let everyone know on here ASAP, then maybe the ArlNow guys can get a behind the scenes story and some shots. I wouldnt go on my own but if i knew where to go and people wanted me to i’d definitely think about it and maybe get a few shots to correlate with this story for a follow up, just sayin!

    • REC

      There are a bunch of trucks on 24th between Glebe and Columbus St

  • SaveDaveMcKenna

    Didn’t that fugly blue building at Wilson and Glebe once house FBI or CIA folks back in the day?

    • No

    • CIA

      Of course not.

    • Lou

      No, nor did they relocated to the building above the Ballston metro entrance. Move along.

    • yes through public records and from CIA people confirming, that blue building did indeed staff extra CIA personel for a while. CIA used to have a building at UVA down in charlottesville also!

      • Lou

        Which building at UVA?

        • not sure what UVA building, there was a retired CIA guy talking about northern VA through the 60’s and 70’s, i dont remember if this was a show on independent media but the guy mentioned the building in ballston thats now marymount and then a building at UVA, unknown which building, i think what he was saying that marymount wasnt the only school with a building linked to CIA.

    • RickRickRick

      No, that would be Glebe and Fairfax.

    • Cherrydale

      The agency can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of that statement.

  • LisaDC

    i just heard they were filming in two empty houses on Columbus and 24th. Garden City.

    • lizzy

      yes, that’s exactly where they are! right now!!

    • NoLee Mark

      Technically, that’s Country Club or Old Dominion. But yeah, they’re there.

      • REC

        its Lee Heights

    • Azure

      The house they are filming in right now is not empty. The film crew is using the kitchen because it’s true to the period of the movie. Not much to see right now though

  • Aaron


    • ClizzleDizzle


    • V Dizzle

      Steve Holt!

  • charlie

    26th Street near Marymount has permit parking. who gave them guest passes?

    • notChrisZimmerman

      Barbara Favola, of course.

    • borf


  • Jeff

    Heading there right now in my cupcake truck to make a few extra bucks.

  • RC

    Any updated info on where this is happening and when?!


    • V Dizzle

      Shut up DiCaprio, or I’ll kick your ass again.

  • RickRickRick

    CC Hills. Not to far from WGCC.

  • Arlwhenever

    I’ll be crashing when the catering truck shows up.

    • GMo

      I think the Marymount kids who get high behind the mulch pit will likely beat you to it.

  • SayAgain?

    Hmmm…I did see a bunch of trucks and people in the mulch pick up lot across from Marymount today. There was even a catering truck, which seemed weird. Now it makes perfect sense. I thought it was CW, Too Easy, etc planning a no permit parking rally!! 🙂

  • Pink Eye

    The filming is going down at Rock Spring Rd and N Abingdon St

  • john

    so arlnow see if you can get a bead on this. It looked to me like they were filming on 24th st between columbus & buchanan. Others have said filming was at 26th & vermont and now the person above says rock spring & abingdon.
    are they shooting at all 3?

    • Elizabeth

      Yeah, I saw them setting up last night – 26th and Yorktown where the mulch pile is, next to Marymount. There are like a million trailers, trucks, and a bunch of equipment..

  • borf

    I remember watching them shoot a scene from “In the Line of Fire” (starring Clint) in Del Ray. Huge production, must have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The scene is about 3 seconds of the film.

  • Justin Russo

    Some post a picture of Leo in his red dress.

    • LaceyForest

      No, no. J. Edgar wore a black dress.

  • Tucker

    Filmed at two houses. First one in Lee Heights in the afternoon on 24th off Gleble and the second in Country Club Hills in the evening on Abingdon off Rock Spring.


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