Crime Report: Moped Mow Down Edition

by ARLnow.com March 31, 2011 at 9:00 am 3,335 37 Comments

If the Three Stooges were young and dealing drugs, the following crime report item might be the plot to one of their episodes.

ROBBERY/MALICIOUS WOUNDING-ARREST 03/24/11, 5000 block of Columbia Pike. On March 24 at 6:40 pm, two men decided to rob a subject they knew was selling narcotics. The subject assaulted the drug dealer and stole money and narcotics. When the assaulted subject saw them a short time later, he attempted to run them over with his moped. All three subjects were detained. One of the subjects was 17 years old and taken to juvenile detention. Norman Purvis, 18, of Arlington was charged with Conspiring to Commit Robbery, Robbery, and Possession of Marijuana. Deivi Coreas, 18, of Arlington was charged with Malicious Bodily Injury, Attempted Malicious Wounding, and Distribution of Marijuana. Both subjects were held without bond.

The rest of this week’s Arlington County crime report, after the jump.

ROBBERY 03/27/11, 2300 block of John Marshall Drive. On March 27 at 8:30 pm, a teenage male reported that he was assaulted by an unknown number of people who stole his cell phone. There is no suspect description.

ATTEMPT ROBBERY 03/29/11, 1800 block of N. Quinn Street. On March 29 at 6 pm, a man was walking when six unknown male teenagers confronted him. One subject asked “What do you have on you?” and the victim fled. Several suspects chased him before eventually giving. The suspects were all African American teenage males.

BRANDISHING 03/25/11, 1100 block of Old Jefferson Davis Highway. On March 25 at 9 am, two construction workers argued and one brandished a firearm at the other. The victim wrestled the gun away, and the suspect fled. The suspect is known and warrants are pending.

EXPOSURE 03/24/11, 5800 block of Little Falls Road. On March 24 at 8 am, a teenage girl was walking to school when she saw a man sitting in a driveway exposing himself. The suspect is described as a white male with brown hair. He was wearing blue sweat pants and a white t-shirt.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY 03/27/11, 2300 block of Jefferson Davis Highway. On March 27 at 2 am, a cab driver from Washington D.C. assaulted a passenger.

GRAND LARCENY-ARREST 03/25/11, 800 block of S. Emerson Street. On March 25 at 12:20 pm, a man witnessed a suspect removing the catalytic converter from his vehicle. The victim confronted the suspect and followed him until police arrived. Greg Harris, 42, of Chantilly, was charged with Grand Larceny, Possession of Burglarious Tools, Larceny with Intent to Sell, and Driving while Suspended. He was held without bond.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY 03/24/11, 4600 block of Columbia Pike. Between 7:30 pm on March 23, and 9:30 am on March 24, an unknown person broke into a business and stole several laptop computers. There are no known suspects.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY 03/25/11, 300 block of N. Glebe Road. On March 24 at 10:50 pm, two men broke into a cell phone store and stole numerous items.

ATTEMPT BURGLARY-ARREST 03/30/11, 2400 block of S. Shirlington Road. On March 30 at 3:20 am, police responded to a burglary alarm at a convenience store and located the suspect. Abrahaley Woldenmichael, 34, of Alexandria, was charged with Attempted Burglary. He was held on a $1,500 bond.

ATTEMPT BURGLARY 03/27/11, 3600 block of N. Rockingham Street. On March 27 between 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm, an unknown person attempted to enter a house by damaging a window screen. There are no known suspects.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (SERIES) 03/27/11, 2700-2800 block of S. Joyce Street. On March 27 between midnight and 9:30 am, an unknown subject broke into at least two cars in the same area. Various items were stolen. There are no known suspects.

  • John Goilios

    “EXPOSURE 03/24/11, 5800 block of Little Falls Road. On March 24 at 8 am, a teenage girl was walking to school when she saw a man sitting in a driveway exposing himself. The suspect is described as a white male with brown hair. He was wearing blue sweat pants and a white t-shirt.”

    — Why are these guys always wearing sweat pants? I want to read, “He was wearing a 3-piece pinstripe suite with a top hat.”

    • borf

      I’m guessing they wear sweats for easy access.

    • JamesE

      I like to use Adidas tear away snap pants

    • V Dizzle

      Cut-offs are good as well.

    • NomNom

      Denim shorts for me

  • Dale

    Is this the same exposure incident that supposedly occurred at 27th and Ohio that day or were there separate incidents? 5800 Little Falls is, what, five or six blocks from 27th Street and Ohio. Here’s the original ArlNow article:

    • Lou

      Plus the group assaulting the teen at 23rd and John Marshall. And the attempted B&E at 36th and Rockingham. That’s all my old ‘hood. Bad stuff.

  • CW

    I’m sorry, while I realize that it’s common use in law enforcement circles to do so, the use of the word “narcotics” in this police report, given the word’s clear plain-language connotation, is patently ridiculous. It was a couple of high school kids screwing around, not a hardened “narcotics” dealer.

    • Matt

      Did you know them? Wow. You must be proud.

      • CW

        LOL! No, I didn’t know them! It’s just that the article makes it sound like someone was bigtime dealing hard drugs…then it gives the ages and says possession of pot, so you can get the mental picture…

        • borf

          I hate to break it to you, but there are some serious thugs out there who are teenagers and selling pot.

          • CW

            Hmm, that’s true, but not when there’s a moped involved.

          • borf

            I hate to break it to you, but thugs sometimes ride mopeds.

            You’re reading too much into this, based on scant information.

          • CW

            Sounds like personal experience. You must run in some pretty mean circles. The moped thug street gangs of Arlington. Organized cupcake smuggling, pizza laundering, brown flip-flop counterfeiting. Scary stuff.

          • borf

            I hate to break it to you, but you’re making all kinds of unsupported assumptions.

            Apparently this kid was dealing on the street. Not exactly a frolicking moped-riding teenager. Drug dealers ride bikes too, or take the bus. They don’t all have big black Lincoln Navigators. Sure, it’s comical, but it’s not an exaggeration by the cops as you implied.

          • CW

            Somebody is a cranky-face this morning!

          • borf

            Sure I’m cranky – I need my daily hit of weed but I couldn’t score from my teenage dealer today.

        • borf

          P.S. though I do wonder if marijuana is really a narcotic. Narcotic is a chemical term, by the way, not something that means “hard drugs that only serious thugs would sell.”

          • CW

            I know. That’s why I went out of my way to reference the “plain-language connotation” that the word has in our society, rather than the dictionary definition. But I knew that someone would STILL try to correct me on the definition. Congratulations.

          • borf

            Well, that may be the source of the problem, a difference over definitions. Remember, the item also named the drug.

          • Bob

            According to my wife (a pharmacist), marijuana is not a “narcotic” by drug class, but is classified as a “narcotic” by the DEA.

          • Novanglus

            It doesn’t list the charges for the 17-year-old. It’s possible he was the dealer, and holding more than pot.

            Also, mopeds are getting popular with people who can’t get drivers licenses due to immigration or police record issues.

    • OX4

      Getting hit with a moped must sting.

  • brendan

    kind of interesting…

    ASSAULT AND BATTERY 03/27/11, 2300 block of Jefferson Davis Highway. On March 27 at 2 am, a cab driver from Washington D.C. assaulted a passenger.

    • NPGMBR

      All the more reason to avoid DC taxi cabs. Red Top all the way…

  • Mr. Goodwrench

    OK – who the hell tries to steal a catalytic converter from a car?

    • borf

      Guys who know how much they’re worth.

    • JamesE

      they contain precious metals and are worth money to the right people.

    • V Dizzle

      Slight bit of platinum deposited on the ceramic matrix. Still not worth as much as a newer GPS though..

    • POS_Car

      They’re more then welcome to take mine. It fell off about 2 weeks ago on I-66 somewhere. Estimate from the mechanic is $800, hell no… going to the “other guy”

      • CW

        You just need to find the right person to do your emissions inspections and you will be all set.

      • V Dizzle

        Buy it online or used and have it installed…shouldn’t be a lot of labor.

        • borf

          There are plenty of stolen ones out there to buy.

    • Hokie

      Had mine stolen. Cost a couple hundred bucks to replaced. When I talked with my insurance agent- she mentioned it was pretty common- especially with SUVs. What really caught me by surprise was that while there are some oneseys and twoseys out there doing this, she mentioend that there are actually signs of larger organized groups doing it.

    • charlie

      our parking garage at work houses 1,000+ cars. We get a report from management probably every 2-3 months saying that another one has been removed.
      as for POS_car — unless you heard it fall off, it may already have been stolen. You can start your car without it, it just sounds like hell.

  • V Dizzle

    I’m naming my first born Abrahaley Woldenmichael, and just as his/her first name.

    • Abrahaley Woldenmichael

      I’d be honored.


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