Another Deer Hit on I-66

by ARLnow.com April 20, 2011 at 2:14 am 2,018 12 Comments

Police are on the scene of a deer found lying in the middle of I-66.

The deer was hit and killed by a vehicle near Sycamore Street, where I-66 was shut down yesterday morning due to multiple accidents caused by deer in the roadway.

Police are in the process of moving the carcass to the side of the road. No word on the fate of the vehicle that hit the deer and apparently continued on its way.

  • The Pikester

    The poor guy was looking for his friend.

  • Susan

    The least the #$%&* driver could have done is call animal control.

  • Clizzle Dizzle

    I saw a dead dear lying in between two lanes on the I-66 East Bound last night, around 7pm. It looked like a young one, a female. I wonder if it’s the same. Sad.

  • TGEoA


    • Chris

      A dear?

      • PikeHoo

        A female deer?

  • CW

    Please stop after you hit a deer. One good reason to do this is that there are plenty of instances where people hit and run from what they later claim to be a deer, but in actuality was a person.

    • brian

      stop? and get rear ended by some idiot?

  • AM

    This makes me furious to hear. I came home around 6pm last night to find two deer in my neighbor’s backyard, an adult and a young fawn. We live right by 66 off Washington Blvd, at Lee Hwy/66 on ramp. I called Arlington Animal Control, who only has an answering service after 5pm. The answering service said they would page the person on duty to let them know. Clearly they did nothing, given where this deer was found it had to be the same. These deer did not have to die nor potentially cause harm to a human being in a car. Thanks Arlington County, how about not spending my tax dollars on another stupid dog park and staff up animal control instead???

    • Big Hunt

      – 1

    • brian

      mmm, deer meat..

  • AM

    To be fair, I called Arlington Animal Control again and their policy is to not move healthy roaming deer. Unfortunaly they are only permitted to move deer that have been struck and hurt. However they were very responsive to my call and plan to look into the matter further as they were never made aware of the early morning accident involving the deer by Arlington County Police.


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