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Free Coffee for Earth Day — To celebrate Earth Day, Starbucks is offering a free coffee or tea to anybody who brings a reusable mug or tumbler. Caribou Coffee, which has locations in Shirlington and Crystal City, is also offering free coffee for those who bring reusable drinkware. [Starbucks, Shirlington Village Blogspot]

Ballston Recognized for Environmental Efforts — Ballston has been named one of the top 10 “green” neighborhoods in the Washington area by real estate listing service MRIS. [Prince of Petworth]

Lawsuit May Be Filed to Stop Mark Center Moves — Rep. Jim Moran is urging Virginia officials to sue the federal government after the Department of Defense’s inspector general found big potential traffic problems with the new Mark Center in Alexandria. According to the inspector general’s report, the Army misled local officials about traffic issues at the site. A lawsuit could keep hundreds or even thousands of jobs in Arlington while improvements are made to the Mark Center’s transportation infrastructure. [Washington Examiner]

Post Tackles Twilight Convention — In an amusing but sadly photo-less write-up of last weekend’s Twilight fan convention at the Sheraton National Hotel on Columbia Pike, a Washington Post reporter discovers that most die-hard Twilight convention-goers are 25 to 50 year-old women. There are, however, a few male fans, who may or may not have been more interested in the female fans than in the movie itself. [Washington Post]

Shirlington Village Trades Escalator for Stairs — Eschewing the normal progression of technology, Shirlington Village has completed a project that removed an escalator and replaced it with a set of stairs. [Shirlington Village Blog]

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  • Ted williams

    Moran is a jackass. He fought for the Mark Center to be built and ignored the traffic chaos it would cause. Now that the traffic nightmare is imminent, he’s trying to portray himself as an outraged local champion of smart development. Will he get away with it, or will Arlington voters lower the boom on him at the next election?

    • Lumiere

      Give voters a *better* option and they’ll take it. But if all the parties are going to do is throw other random people at him… better the enemy you know then the one you don’t.

    • South Arlington

      He didn’t really fight for the Mark Center based on its own advantages, he fought for it because it was better to have it there than out of his district out in Fort Belvoir or further. Blame Rumsfeld for starting this round of BRAC and forcing these agencies out of Crystal City.

    • Lou

      Moran does not care what Arlington or its voters think about this issue.

      • bb

        He’s got more important things to do… like pick fights with eight year olds.

    • Mark

      Moran didn’t fight for the Mark Center, it was Davis. Moran was pushing for the site on Eisenhower.

    • Arlwhenever

      Follow the money. Mark Center is a Duke Realty project whose CEO has been a major Moran campaign contributer. Now that Duke will be paid whether the facility is occupied or not Moran wants to stop occupancy. Back in his earmarking days Moran could have stopped the project with a phone call. When we elect scoundrels and clowns like Jim Moran we deserve the government that we get.

    • AZZI9

      Moran brought a mega building project to the area costing hundreds of millions $$$ that provided many jobs and millions of $$$ in opportunities to the area. WIN!!!! Now he’s gonna get a transport project to connect the Mark Center, again bringing in millions of $$$ and many opportunities. WIN!! How is this guy a moron??? Looks like he’s doing this area a bunch of good to me. You people are idiots…

  • Bluemontsince1961
    • Ted williams

      You’re right, Bluemont. The Mark Center is going to paralyze 395 twice a day M-F. It’s going to be a ceaseless nightmare for commuters. Thank God I live in N. Arlington!

      • Bluemontsince1961

        Ted W.,

        I hate to think what it will be like around the Skyline complex at Bailey’s Crossroads. I’ve worked there in the past and with this potential fiasco just down Seminary Road from Skyline, any future job searches that bring forth interviews/offers from anything in Skyline will be considered in light of this Mark Center boondoggle. Anything for Mark Center I won’t consider, even though I don’t live near the 395/Seminary Road area and don’t have to take 395 at all to get there. Seminary will be backed up like a clogged drain.

        I work at Tyson’s and though I have flex hours (in early, leave early), it is bad enough, even when I leave around 3:45 p.m. M-F.

        • Skyliner

          I’ve worked at Skyline for about 8 years now and its actually very easy to get in and out of from where I live – George Mason from North Arlington all the way – very little traffic. I work a regular shift 8 – 6 range. Route 7 is another matter. Overall that place is poorly planned. Other than eating at the Subway, Perfect Pita, McDonalds and two or so misc buffet places located in Skyline office complex, the walk over to places on the other side of Rt 7 is not very pleasant so many people get in their cars at lunch and drive. It reminds me of how Tysons functions at lunch. But, yes, people who travel on 395 it would seem are in for a world of hurt by adding that many more car commuters.

          • SoArlRes

            Seems like the parking situation is kinda bad in Skyline, too. That, or people don’t like using the paid parking lots. I think many park across Rt. 7 in the neighborhoods.

          • Skyliner

            There is no problem parking for the office tenants – its all controlled with access cards and there seems to be plenty of spaces. The visitor lot is pretty small for how much sq ft there is and occassionaly we have visitors that can’t find a space and they usually end up parking in the Target lot. The strip mall across Rt 7 is a sea of free empty parking spaces which is one thing that makes walking to the strip mall to eat so tedious and not attractive. That and crossing Rt 7 itself. The businesses on what I call Skyline Mainstreet (Subway, Perfect Pita, Carabou Coffee) don’t really have any parking but have a lot of business at lunch and mostly close at 6 when the offices shut down). There are a lot of places to park across the “main street” but they are all reserved for the Sport and Health which agressively tows all without a S&H sticker. My office overlooks it and its somewhat of a passtime to watch the cars get yanked out of their spaces by the tow truck drivers who patrol that section.

          • There is a huge revitalization of the Skyline/Baileys area planned. It is going to increase the density significantly both in living and retail. It has been pitched by politicians as the next Clarendon or Bethesda Row. Some of the sketches I’ve seen show better walking access everywhere. BUT they seem to be planning the removal of a lane of Rt. 7 in each direction! I really don’t understand how anyone can increase density in this area and not increase inflow/outflow infrastructure. Oh, wait…. the trolley is going to pass through. That’s the solution… .right. What won’t Skyline have that the compared Clarendon and Bethesda have? That’s right… a metro stop. Fustercluck….

    • Future Marker

      My move to the Mark Center will shave over 30 minutes off my commute. Now – Orange line from Vienna to Rosslyn transfer to blue line to Crystal City to a 15 minute walk to my building. Sept 15* – Orange line from Vienna to Ballston to free scheduled shuttle bus provided by the govt to the door the Mark Center. *Date subject to change.

      • Take it down a notch

        Except that shuttle will be sitting in traffic…

        • Future Marker

          Agreed – hence 30 vs 45.

  • Carmen

    Enjoyed my free coffee this morning.

  • LBSKi

    Neither of the twilight links actually links to the Post article, FYI. Both link to the ARL post.


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