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BREAKING NEWS — House Fire Near Clarendon

by ARLnow.com May 8, 2011 at 6:58 pm 8,417 30 Comments

(Updated at 8:20 p.m.) Arlington firefighters battled a house fire near Clarendon tonight.

Heavy fire and heavy smoke was first reported in a three-story house near the intersection of N. Ivy Street and 10th Street around 6:45 p.m. A second alarm was called and about 50 firefighters helped to extinguish the blaze.

The house, which contained three individual apartments, suffered damage throughout the structure. Ten residents were displaced by the fire and are receiving assistance from the Red Cross. Although each apartment was occupied at the time, all residents managed to escape safely, according to Arlington County Fire Department spokesperson Lt. Gregg Karl. No injuries were reported.

The Arlington Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating the cause of the blaze, Karl said.

Photos courtesy Ian Luria (top) and Garrett Peck (bottom). Hat tip to John Antonelli.

  • Just Me

    Hope the people got out of the house and our firefighters don’t get hurt.

    • SoCo Resident

      As soon as I hear sirens I worry about the same thing. I also hope no one was hurt including our heroic firefighters. This also emphasizes the need to make certain that fire equipment can traverse every single street and to not doubt the widsom of our fire officials.
      ARLNOW: Talk about instant coverage!

      • Josh S

        Yikes. “not doubt the wisdom of our fire officials”? “our heroic firefighters”?

        They’re just people. Not demi-gods. I have received more than my share of help from first responders and police over the years, and am extremely grateful to those individuals but I’m not ready to bow down before them as a group. There are bad seed firefighters. And stupid ones. And good ones. They’re part of the community. Like teachers, dentists, accountants and even shop owners.

        • DrMolar

          All dentists are heros ! Remember to floss !

        • Arlington, Northside

          Just like teachers, dentists and accountants, ’cause their jobs are about running into burning places that could collapse on them too, just to pull out other members of the community.

        • Nooner

          Yep just normal members of the community. Let me know when 150 plus teachers, dentists, accountants, and shop owners are killed nationwide every year doing their respective jobs in the service of others.

        • sue

          maybe you would be if it was YOUR sorry ass they were pulling out of a fire.

  • JamesE

    That explains the firetrucks screaming down fairfax as i sat at carpool.

  • Sunny617

    Ah…that explains the cops blocking 10th at Wilson Blvd.

    Hope everything’s OK.

  • VASQ

    I was just at the site (and took these pictures). A fireman told me that everyone got out of the house. All told, I counted 9 firetrucks at the scene from Arlington, Fairfax County, and Ft. Myer.

  • Just Me

    This website is great, I was hearing the trucks go buy, I live just off Fairfax drive and knew something big was going on. Glad no one is hurt. Thanks for the photos VASQ

  • Josh First Down

    There was tons of smoke pouring out into the sky. I was returning from a food delivery when I saw it. Tried to snap a photo and tweet it to ARL but had to keep driving. Looks like they got some footage. Hope everyone is ok.

  • Elizabeth

    As a resident of the neighborhood, I want to ask how we can help these people beyond the reach of The Red Cross? Any suggestions?

  • Sarah

    The people (in their 20s) were okay– outside giving statements to firefighters. Looked like the entire back porch was scorched. Red Cross was handing out waters to firefighters. This was around 830pm.

    • RespectingOthers

      I personally know this wonderful family who lives in this house. There are individual apartments at the top, but a family with 3 young children lives in the main part of the house..obviously all very devastated.

  • Sarah

    Also: NBC 4 was there- look for story on news soon.

  • Patrick

    The last fire and rescue trucks left around 10pm

  • BlackJack

    1 house
    3 apartments
    10 residents

    Is that even legal?

    • FedUp

      No. But I hope everyone is okay. Time for the county to enforce its own laws, for the safety of its residents.

      • loocy

        Is it? I’m not sure exactly what the laws are. I’ve been to that house and it had three large units with separate entrances, and some were related adults. If the units were legally divided is it okay?

      • dynaroo

        So you know it’s illegal, FedUp, or you’re just assuming?

    • cj

      Some older houses in this neighborhood have extra units grandfathered from, believe it or not, World War II when just about everybody in the metro area took in boarders. I think this is one of those houses.

  • Arl

    I heard that there was a fire at Turnberry Tower too.

  • As an Ivy Street resident and friends of the owner of the house that caught fire, I want to say that the response from Arlington County was fabulous last night. The response was successful, well executed with the different types of trucks needed as well as ambulances and even Dominion Power on site. This was actually a small apt building which the family lives in as well as rents out apartments. Any help from the community on clothes for the kids, would be appreciated. – Scott Sklar, 706 North ivy Street

    • casper

      Clothes for boys or girls? What ages?

    • Elizabeth

      I commented above about how we can help beyond the reach of the Red Cross. Do you know how we can get in touch with them regarding their needs? I have furniture I can give, as well as adult clothes.

      Also, can you let the Ashton Heights list serve know as well?

  • NextDOORneighborOFtheFamily

    In my opinion, I believe that the response from the neighbors as well as from the Emergency Response Unit was outstanding! The Firefighters were Called and in less than five minutes were on location. The out pour of support from the neighbors was astonishing and was more than appreciated from the family.

    As far as regulations and laws go, since there seem to be some people more concerned about that behalf inciden( instead of the well being of the family)- the division of the apartment VERY LEGAL . I’m sure Arlington County would be GLAD to answer your questions regarding the amount of people that lived there in ration to the apartment.
    Tina Larios

  • NextDOORneighborOFtheFamily

    My mom and I are housing the family.

    All help is appreciated.
    My e-mail: tlarios87890yahoo.com
    Tina Larios


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