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‘America’s Most Wanted’ Canceled

by ARLnow.com May 16, 2011 at 9:47 am 3,681 22 Comments

After 24 seasons on the air, America’s Most Wanted has been canceled, according to an Arlington resident who works on the D.C.-based Fox TV show.

Employees were notified about the decision on a conference call this morning. The show has been scaling back its production over the past year, which led to speculation that it was ultimately going to be cut from Fox’s schedule.

America’s Most Wanted has filmed crime reenactments all around the D.C. area, including in Arlington.

A “Save America’s Most Wanted” Facebook page has been set up to try to convince Fox to keep the show on the air.

  • Josh S

    Thank goodness. Symbol of the times – sensationalistic, unthinking, glorifying anyone in uniform, anti-social, negative, etc.

  • Arlingtron

    The show has not been doing well in ratings and revenue for years. From what I understand it was law enforcement that pleaded with Fox to keep the show going. It was helping them to nab bad guys.

    • It is difficult to understand how the show’s existance could have a record of nabbing bad guys if nobody was watching it……

      • AllenB

        If you check their website, they’ve captured over 1,000 criminals. Not too shabby.

        • Oh, I believe it. I just wonder how if the ratings were so bad. Presumably if nobody saw the show it would not contribute to providing a vast public net the fugative could not escape.

          • charlie

            The whole “ratings” is an amazing statistical-cluster, if you ask me. Do you know ANYONE who has an Arbitron box? Anyone who has been called to see what they are watching? EVER?
            Now the cable companies can watch who DVR’s stuff. and those numbers are separate. It has been interesting to watch as those numbers get included/not included in “counts” because, heck, not everyone is up from 10-11…

          • dynaroo

            Please take statistics 101.

          • charlie

            i know statistics. i know spss. i’ve made up many stories based on numbers. what i don’t understand is that in my LIFETIME I have never run across someone who has an Arbitron box or admits to answering phone calls while watching the Series Finale of M*A*S*H.

          • dynaroo

            Seriously? You know statistics and you’re still posting this?

          • NoVapologist

            My wife and I were a Nielsen family for a while. All the televisions had boxes and relays to the phones. They gave us a little stipend for our troubles.

          • dynaroo

            Thanks, now charlie doesn’t have to repeat statistics 101.

          • Josh S

            I remember filling out a diary of our daily TV choices. This was back in the early 80s maybe. It didn’t last long, and I’m not sure if it was Nielson or not.

      • Michael H.

        Even if the ratings were “low”, that still means that millions of people were watching it. Most major network programs have audiences that number in the millions, even the “unsuccessful” ones. That’s far more people than say a local government community affairs channel will pull in. And much broader reach than flyers and local announcements.

        Maybe some of the national law enforcement organizations can provide some sort of financial assistance to keep the show on the air if it indeed has such a benefit to law enforcement. (Unless there are specific rules against that.)

  • John Fontain

    I think they almost canceled the show years ago due to poor ratings. Business is business and if the ratings aren’t there, it’s Fox’s prerogative to pull it.

    • John Fontain

      Reading elsewhere about this, it turns out that ratings aren’t the problem (it regularly wins its Saturday evening time spot) but production costs were prohibitively high resulting in little profit for the network.

      • It would be difficult to believe the costs were higher than Charlie Sheen’s $2M and episode. Winning!

        • John Fontain

          All those D-list actors portraying the bad guys must cost big bucks.

        • Wow

          except Charlie will be re-run in perpetuity on channel 2 and 3 and 18 and so on, generating $$$

          who would watch a re-run of AMW?

          Actually, who would watch a re-run of Two and a Half Men… but somebody does

  • CrystalMikey

    Wow, isn’t this one of the original shows on the Fox network?

  • John Andre

    The solution…Move AMW from Fox to a cable network. I bet that TrueTV and ID, which cover crime programming, would be interested, also perhaps G4 which carries “Cops”.

    • Wow

      moving it to G4 is functionally equivalent to cancelling it

  • Elizabeth

    Arlington news only, please.


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