Bluemont Playground Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

by ARLnow.com May 18, 2011 at 2:54 pm 5,343 27 Comments

The Arlington County parks department will be celebrating the opening of its new Bluemont Park playground with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday.

The playground, at 601 N. Manchester Street, features play areas with farm and train-themed play equipment, as well as climbing boulders, a play house, swings, a sandbox, picnic area, accessible paths, a drinking fountain and more.

The ceremony is being held between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, and is part of the county’s Neighborhood Day event list.

  • John

    This new playground equipment is only good for toddlers. Mastering the old wooden playgrounds with sharp elevation changes, 10ft poles, endless monkey bars, very long slides, and chain tire swings at Lyon Village, Mckinley, and Abingdon took GUTS.

    The wooden ones at Mckinley and Abingdon were more like castles with the multiple levels, hidden passageways, and towers. They were possibly the largest such playgrounds in all of DC. Kids had more fun back in the era of unstructured play time.

    • PhilL

      Tuckahoe too.

      • John

        I guess Tuckahoe is the only “older kid” playground that survived.

        The county even removed the rocket ship slide at Quincy park, which I assume was not up to current safety “standards.”

        • PhilL

          That rocket slide was great, because you could climb up really high into the top level and make a huge amount of noise by banging on the metal floor.

          One of the worst was at Greenbrier/Yorktown, it was that airplane slide where the wings were the slides and would get up to about 150 degrees on a sunny summer day.

    • bb

      Don’t forget just plain old really tall swings where you could end up jumping off at the apex and drop off a good 15 feet… Plus the velocity to totally send an errant friend to the ER if he wasn’t paying attention and walked in front of you. Ahh, the good old days.

      • doodly

        Get a job, you lazy kid.

    • othersideoftheriver

      Don’t forget dodging the swarms of carpenter bees and the vampire-killing splinters on the wooden ones.

  • TuesdaysChild

    Too bad they could not have a “street-car themed” playground.

    • Arlwhenever

      The caboose isn’t too far away.

      Darn, this has become the new Yuppie playground. We used to be able to sneak over there with our kids to picnic and have the tables and the old swings, slides and climbing structures to ourselves along with some of the non-English speaking crowd. That’s progress.

      • bluemonter

        There are plenty of non-English speakers still there, don’t worry.

  • That is a kickass playground, although Hayes is still my favorite with it’s great sandbox and sprayground. My wife and I reviewed many of the playgrounds in the County back in the day.


    • bluemonter

      Hmmm – moving from Arlington was a move to the suburbs, Tom? Did you live in a condo here?

      Nice blog btw.

      • Loudoun Co makes Arlington(Ballston) look like a metropolis. And thanks, my wife was the one who did most of the blog.

        • dynaroo

          Sure, but Bluemont, for instance, also makes Ballston look like a metropolis.

    • Nice blog Tom!

      I didn’t know anyone else out there had done reviews of Arlington playgrounds. I guess I took up your mantle when you left — I’ve started to compile a pretty big list of playground reviews myself:


      I just recently checked out Bluemont and I love it. I think it’s got good stuff to appeal to a wide age range of kids.


      • scramble

        What’s the best playground for enjoying your last hours with your kids before the Rapture on Saturday?

  • bluemonter

    The train theme refers to the Bluemont Junction. There’s also a play structure labeled Reeves Farm, which was on the land of Bluemont Park. Kind of a cool little nod to history.

    • I hope the Reeves Farm one is more challenging … this train seems more designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the grown-ups than fun for the kids.

      • John

        A challenging playground is an anachronism in today’s safety obsessed culture. Organized youth sports and liability waivers is where its at.

        • dad

          There’s even a sandbox where they can use their creativity. It’s a disaster. I’ll go organize them into competing teams and schedule every minute of their lives this week.

  • South Arlington

    The new playground at Butler-Holmes Park looks awesome. It has a 30 foot tall rope pyramid which I’m guessing will host the greatest king of the mountain games in the County. I’m also giving it a month before some kid falls off the ropes and breaks an arm and then some “think of the children” Mom sues the parks department.

    • Boring playgrounds lead kids to use them in ways they weren’t intended, which ends up being a lot less safe than an intentionally-challenging rope pyramid. My first thought on seeing that train was “If I was 7, I’d totally want to see if I could climb on top of its roof.”

      • dad

        You can’t. It’s much larger than it looks in the picture.

        • SAYS YOU (tries to climb on roof, falls, breaks arm)

          • dad

            Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!


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