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by ARLnow.com June 3, 2011 at 8:27 am 2,683 14 Comments

Report on BRAC Impacts — With the Base Realignment and Closure Act-mandated relocation of Defense Department offices delayed, BRAC’s impact on Arlington County will be eased considerably, according to a new report from real estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle. The report presents the drain of DoD offices from Crystal City and the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor as a chance for building owners to update and redevelop. “If anything, we see this as an opportunity for Arlington County -as a whole – to reinvent itself somewhat, to update older inventory, and to cement its place as the leading submarket in the Metro D.C. area,” the report said. [Citybizlist]

Wakefield Groundbreaking Scheduled — The public is invited to attend a groundbreaking for the new Wakefield High School next week. The groundbreaking will take place at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 9, outside the Aquatics Center. Construction of the new 380,000 square foot building is expected to begin next month, with students expected to start using the building in the fall of 2013. [Arlington Public Schools]

Leeway Overlee Community Day and Yard Sale — The 33rd annual Leeway Overlee Community Day and Yard sale will be held along the John Marshall/Ohio Street greenway from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. “About 100 local families and other vendors offer a wide range of items for sale, including plants, clothes, sports equipment, and furniture,” organizers say. [Craigslist]

Don Quixote OpeningSynetic Theater’s production of Don Quixote will have its opening night Saturday in Crystal City (1800 South Bell Street). The show starts at 8:00 p.m. The production runs through July 3.

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  • Arlwhenever

    Parking for the Leeway Overlee sake is best on one of 21st through 24th Streets off of Nottingham. A hundred sellers is no exageration. For a full morning of second-hand buying you can start out at the monthly Civitan Flea Market which opens at 7:00 am on the Quincy Street deck. Make sure you are prepared with a few bags to help cart of the booty.

    • Westover

      I would say the Annual Leeway Overlee Yard Sale is superior to any flea market in the county. Great way to get rid of the stuff the kids have grown out of and pick up some things new to them and walk away with cash in the pocket. Too bad as they grow older soccer games and baseball games encrouch on the time that can be spent there.

  • I have a request to make of ArlNow –

    can you do some stories on the impact this BRAC relocation is having on the residents around the Arlington Hall and National Foreign Affairs Training Center (Barcroft area).

    I believe about 1000 employees are now transferring here from Crystal City and a massive (and unattractive) parking lot has been built to house the cars of these employees. However, the lot only holds a car for every 4 employees. So these employees are parking in neighborhood streets.

    Our civic association has tried for some time to make our concerns heard, and some have, but the addition of employees is really starting to show: George Mason going towards Ballston is slowing down considerably in the afternoons because police officers stop traffic to allow cars to exit the compounds and pedestrians to cross. Plus, as I said, the other employees are parking in smaller residential streets.

    Local media has completely ignored us – can you, our local source of news – give our plight some publicity??

    PS, I am NOT opposed to the military or pedestrians or cars. I am opposed to massive and ugly parking lots that don’t even have enough space for all employees and I do oppose having quiet neighborhoods stomped on.

    Here is the BRAC Transition Center’s web page on our neighborhood:


    • We’ll look into it.

      • ClarendonToSkyline

        I commute along George Mason every day and yes, you have to stop more to let peds cross or vehicles exit, but I wouldn’t call it a nightmare. Takes me 10 minutes on a good day and 15 minutes on a bad day to go from Clarendon to Skyline.

        • I do too…

          And indeed, it’s gotten super busy. They need more bus service from Ballston and EFC–and more parking.

          BTW, does anyone remember what was there a few years ago? For the life of me, I can’t remember if it was just a smaller Army facility or nothing at all. I do remember the rambler house that was there on the feeder road before they built those townhouses.

    • G


      I run to work along this route several days/week. Over the past few years I’ve definitely noticed the slowdown in the morning. Sometimes I make a game out of trying to beat the cars to Arlingotn Blvd, and I am usually successful! Bus service along this route (22a) is also terrible now due to the police halting traffic every time someone want’s to cross George Mason to get to the Army Readiness center. It’s now faster for me to run to work in Ballston from the Shirlington area than it is to take the bus!

      This new building isn’t even being used yet and already, parking and traffic is a nightmare along George Mason. Thankfully I rarely need it, but it’s so bad that military and construction workers going to the readiness center are forced to park all the way down near S Four Mile Run Drive and beyond! I see them walking every day from these areas. This area is only served by a single bus, but the Readiness center does have a few shuttles that go to Ballston I believe. Many along George Mason have zoned parking in this area, but they may have to expand it soon!

    • Arlwhenever

      As for accomodating the traffic influx, in Fairfax County the local government would have negotiated turns lanes, acceleration lanes, and if needed, a traffic signal. In Arlington County all you got to do is say people will car pool, take public transportation, walk and/or ride and the County is happy (even though everyone knows they will drive). Just keep on electing the same politicians and keep on expecting the same results.

    • charlie

      i drive by that everyday and wonder… why isn’t anyone yelling about this. George Mason is a disaster already.

  • It is about time they get going on Wakefield. It is going to be a mess over there for a while, but this improvement is vastly needed.

    • SoArlRes

      Agreed, it will be nice. The plans make it look like the new facilities will be on par with Washington and Lee, which attracts the recreational swimming, running, etc. community after-hours.

    • John

      It will be an excellent facility, and when completed, redrawing high school boundaries to help with overcrowding at W-L (and in a few years Yorktown) may not be as controversial.

  • Steve

    Can Dr. Dremos move into one of the places the military leaves behind?

  • MC

    Synetic Theater rocks. Check out a performance if you haven’t seen one before.


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