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Free Paper Shredding Event on Saturday

by ARLnow.com July 8, 2011 at 2:20 pm 15,254 12 Comments

Arlington County is now offering free paper shredding to residents on the first Saturday of every month.

Since holiday weekends are excluded, July’s paper shredding event will take place this Saturday. Residents — not businesses — can take their sensitive documents to the county’s Solid Waste Bureau (4300 29th Street S.) to be shredded, for free, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“A County employee will process the materials while you observe,” according to the Arlington County web site. “100% of shredded material is recycled.”

Residents are limited to two boxes or paper bags of documents each month. Stapled and paper-clipped documents are okay, as are checkbooks, but magazines, catalogs, binders, phone books and credit cards are prohibited.

  • FairlingtonD

    They’ve been doing this for a while – it’s not a new service. A good service though!

  • Jennifer

    Does anyone know: Are magazines not recycled in Arlington, or do they just not shred them at this location?

    • samsonite

      I doubt they shred magazines – the idea of shredding is security, so they only take things like bills. Yes, you can recycle them in the regular bin in Arlington.

  • ArlFoodCritik

    Once again, News I can use!

  • Tracy Kellum

    Jennifer: Magazines are recycled in Arlington, they just are not accepted for shredding. More info on recylcing in Arlington is available here: http://www.arlingtonva.us/Departments/EnvironmentalServices/swd/EnvironmentalServicesSwdRecycling.aspx

    Tracy Kellum
    Arlington County Communications Office

    • Tracy Kellum

      Oops, sorry for the typo… my fingers are sometimes faster than my brain!

      • Jennifer


  • CW

    I’ll have to provide the time, date, and location to the Examiner and Sun-Gazette distribution centers.

  • Sam

    We’ve been making use of the Arlington County free shredding for some time now (as well as Inert Materials drop-off, also on 1st Saturday of month), and while it’s a GREAT service, it’s not always the most reliable. The employees who run the shredding machine (and also the inert materials drop-off) tend to show whenever they feel like it (which may or may not be 8am). I once got there at 7:45am on the 1st Saturday of the month, waited in line with about 10 other folks, and around 8:45 we all gave up and went home – no one ever showed up! If you arrive midday, the line tends to be shorter, but you also run the risk of having to stand around waiting until someone shows up to turn the machine. I appreciate that Arlington County does this, but I wish it were a little more reliable!

    • HaulinOats

      Agreed, Sam. It is a wonderful service, but I took a vacuum cleaner there once for small scrap metal item disposal on the 1st Saturday of the month as prescribed by the County website and was told there was no such program. I explained that I’d read it on the website and a few other folks there nodded and murmured in agreement, but the employee replied again that I couldn’t leave the vacuum cleaner there. When I asked how I was to dispose of it, he shrugged and took it from me. Go figure.

      • doodly

        That’s pretty pathetic, and sadly typical, in both government and private business. Somebody runs a website and somebody else runs a facility and they never talk to each other.

        I dropped metal off once. It took me forever to find where to go. Once I found it, it was easy.

  • North Arlington guy

    If you dont want to bother with a home or ArlCo shredder, a BBQ grill is just as effective.


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