Vehicle Overturned on Lee Highway

by ARLnow.com July 22, 2011 at 10:15 am 4,567 47 Comments

(Updated at 11:10 a.m.) A vehicle has flipped on its roof after a three-car accident at the intersection of Lee Highway and N. George Mason Drive.

No serious injuries were reported.

Northbound George Mason Drive was shut down while crews worked to clean up the wreck.

  • Rick

    That is the 2nd car that has flipped in that area in the past few months – – there was one that flipped in front of the hospital earlier in the year. This is not NASCAR racing, so how do you flip a car going 35 MPH?

    • BrownFlipFlops

      Drive 50 MPH, like everyone else on George Mason.


    • Rosslynite

      My thoughts exactly. There is a pretty steep hill on George Mason at that intersection, so perhaps that contributes to the physics of the flip.

    • BrownFlipFlops

      Non-fact-based speculation alert! Because this almost happens on every cycle of that light … the blue car wanted to turn left. He saw the light start to change. From a block back, he (or she) picked up speed, and followed someone through a red turn arrow. The Cadillac proceeded on green, and t-boned the light runner. Snarling V8 flips light, quick moving econo-box.

      • CW

        Caddy going 40 MPH+ t-bones another vehicle squarely and all it needs is a new bumper and a few quarter panels? Hood not even crumpled? I have my doubts.

        • BrownFlipFlops

          Hey, I labeled it, “uninformed!” 🙂 I just wanted to rant about people pushing their luck at that left turn arrow.

          • CW

            Well, looking at the passenger side of the econobox, something certainly did hit it hard as hell. I’m just really surprised that the caddy would be able to cause that kind of damage without itself incurring even a dent in the hood. The CTS is designed for high speed, and thus should have pretty reactive crumple zones.

        • Lou

          I’m having trouble figuring this one out under the normal laws of physics.

          Maybe the light was green, the blue car tried to book it around the Lexus, which was yielding to oncoming cars, and the Caddy (looks like a CTS-V) was just going normal speed through the intersection.

          But that would mean the blue car has all of its momentum reversed and rolled all the way back into the Lexus. Very weird.

          • GMo

            Def. a V you can tell by the front mesh grill.

          • Lou

            Nice sled.

      • TJ

        Yep, as someone that frequently crosses that intersection southbound on G. Mason, people “run” that left turn all the time. They have a green arrow, turned yellow arrow, turned green circle; so while they’re not running a red light, they tend to keep coming well past the green circle.

        I’ve learned to wait for potential left-turners to come to a complete stop before proceeding straight.

        • BrownFlipFlops

          Right. They fail to yield on the green circle, like they should. They’re not running a red arrow. Thanks.

    • Westover

      With the way that intersection is paved with Rt29 intersecting the George Mason on a downhill run, it is actually pretty easy to accidentally catch air without traveling at a speed that high over the limit. Accidents happen.

    • paulo

      this blue car was the one that cause the accident,
      I saw the accident, ,,how it happened,
      tottaly his or her fault…
      thanks god nobody was injured,

  • novasteve

    How incompetent can you be to do this? Pleaes tell me they were at least drunk, even at this hour.

  • M Smith

    The caddy was flying up lee hwy, driving like a mad man, zig zagging in and out of traffic. Passed my wife moments before the crash.

    • BrownFlipFlops

      Heh. That’s why I labeled my speculation as uninformed. I really just wanted to say that I wish people would stop pushing their luck on that left turn arrow.

    • CrystalMikey

      MD plates?

      • CW

        If the caddy is from Maryland, it should have a front plate as well. I don’t see one, nor a holder. Of course, we know that people, especially those from Maryland, don’t always follow the rules.

        • Novanglus

          The front plate could have fallen off in the impact. We need to start taking away licenses for causing accidents like that.

        • JamesE

          Front license plate? What is that?

          • CW

            A device for increasing your car’s drag coefficient.

        • doodly

          Both plates are required in VA too. Nearest one-plate state is WV.

          • CW

            Right. But the question was “MD plates?”

          • doodly

            Yes, it was.

      • WestoverAndOver

        Caddy has inspection sticker in center of windshield. Most likely VA.

    • Arlwhenever

      My guess is the Caddy was eastbound on Lee, ran a just turned red light as the westbound blue car was trying to clear the intersection turning left onto George Mason southbound. The Caddy hit the blue car at an actute angle, flipping it into the black car, which was edging out into the intersection to make a left turn onto Lee Hwy on the northbound green.

      • hhmmm

        That makes sense.

  • CW

    Thanks for the pics…drive carefully everybody!

  • Bluemontsince1961

    I go through that intersection all the time, both on Lee Highway and George Mason, and had a number of close calls. Some of the drivers on both roads drive like scalded rabbits. I wonder if one of the drivers was texting or fiddling around with their cellphone, blackberry, etc while driving way over the limit. Someone must have been going at quite a clip to flip a car. I hope nobody was seriously hurt. People in Northern VA/Arlington drive way too fast and many of them are “distracted drivers.”

    • Henry

      Yeah, people are crazy, as evidenced by this crash. I honestly can not figure out how he landed where/how he did, if he were driving even remotely within the law.

  • CrystalMikey

    Poor Fiesta (glad the injuries weren’t serious).

  • Lacey Forest

    Anyone know why N. Glebe was shut down at N. 24th Street Thursday afternoon? I looked for a story here but found nothing.

    • Westover

      Two car accident

    • SEA North Arl

      Didn’t see the accident, but it KO’d the telephone pole at the corner of N 25th and Glebe.

  • othersideoftheriver

    If so many people are running that light, maybe it’s time to evaluate the light timing to more adequately serve the needs of the short direction. It’s more tempting to push through against a signal if you know you’re going to be screwed for missing it.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      I agree, othersideoftheriver. I’ve noticed that a short timed light encourages pushing through the signal. Drivers around here do it anyway, but a short signal makes it more likely to occur. As I mentioned above, I’ve had a number of close calls at Lee & George Mason on both roads. Wilson and Glebe, George Mason and Wilson, George Mason and Washington Blvd, Washington Blvd and Glebe, Fairfax Dr. and Glebe and just about any intersection on Arlington Boulevard are also bad.

    • TJ

      The thing is, you’re not screwed for missing it. There is typically very light traffic traveling south on G. Mason right there, besides, you are given a green circle, not a red arrow.

  • Don Ager

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    Last year, off by a week…SUV Overturns in Apparent Hit-and-Run Accident on Lee Highway

  • Amanda

    I witnessed it. I was at the light on my way to work (the light was red). The Lexus was going about 50 mph, passed me and a few other cars and hit the blue car who was making a left turn (with a green arrow) onto George Mason Dr. It was so scary.

    • Amanda


    • Tommy

      See my post below. I hope this idiot goes to jail.

  • charlie

    Here is the other problem in Arlington —
    If Amanda is correct…

    and I understand that the caddy was going North/East on lee Hwy and the Blue car was turning ONTO George Mason (assuming southbound)…

    does the person in the pseudo-SUV get a ticket.
    Look at that car — the REAR WHEELS are beyond the stop line and the MAJORITY of the car is BLOCKING the crosswalk. That is also a big problem and why it is so hard to walk anywhere.

    • Rick

      i’m surprised it took so long for someone to make it all about pedestrians

    • Tommy

      I don’t disagree this is a problem but from the photo it appears the SUV was driving along George Mason with a green light.

  • Tommy

    I saw that caddy flying full speed on Lee Hwy going westbound passing thru the intersection of George Mason around 10am. It must’ve been going between 80mph and 100mph…no kidding. It was REALLY loud. I had my back to the street as I was going into La Tee Shirt and turned around to see what was making that much noise. Based on that observation, I can only speculate this was the fault of that idiot Cadillac driver.

    • laura

      I was an eyewitness to the accident. Eastbound traffic on 29 was stopped at the red light, and there was a green arrow for westbound traffic to turn left onto George Mason. Caddy comes flying up through left turn lane attempting to go through intersection. Caddy hits blue car on the passenger side and flipped it over. Overheard police at scene commenting that driver of caddy smelled like alchohol – left when they started sobriety tests. Very scary scene – happened in a split second with no time to react at all. Very lucky there were no fatalities.


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