No West Nile Found in Arlington So Far

by Katie Pyzyk July 27, 2011 at 3:45 pm 2,191 33 Comments

Surrounding areas are dealing with the first reports of West Nile Virus this season, but so far Arlington remains in the clear.

No cases of West Nile Virus have been reported in humans this year or last year, according to the Arlington County Department of Human Services. Fairfax, Alexandria and the District all identified West Nile in mosquito samples in recent days. However, Arlington County no longer does sampling because it confirmed long ago that mosquitoes with West Nile are present throughout the region.

Arlington County discontinued mosquito spraying several years ago, but encourages residents to be proactive about avoiding contact with mosquitoes. A “Mosquito Information Center” website has been set up with tips for staying mosquito bite free.

  • G Clifford Prout

    Awe how sweet. Mosquitoes.

    • PikerShorts

      Free adoption of mosquitoes (2) years old and older?

  • Southeast Ben

    “West Side”

  • Hillz

    The dead birds I keep finding in my neighborhood may negate this headline.

    • Sam

      Right, because West Nile Virus is the only thing that kills birds. It couldn’t possibly have been the 100+ temperatures with little water or anything like that.

      • birdlover

        I’ve filled 3 birdbaths everyday and still have seen dead birds so it’s not about the lack of water.

  • Tre

    At least these aren’t East Potomac mosquitos… you don’t want to know what happens when they bite you

  • Lou

    They stopped testing for it so they have not found it yet this year. Brilliant.

    I think we could use a little West Nile around here as long as it is the type that kills crows. Those b!tches are back with a vengeance.

    • Michael H.

      I was wondering about that too. What’s the point of the announcement if Arlington doesn’t test and they assume that the virus is already present throughout the region?

      • dkgman

        No human cases of west nile have been reported in Arlington yet. They’re not saying they’ve stopped testing humans… they’ve stopped sampling the mosquitos.

        • Lou

          When did they start testing humans?

          • dkgman

            I dont know the answer to that… but at least since 2002 when people went to the hospital complaining of sysmptoms…
            “At its peak in 2002, 10 people in the District, Maryland and Virginia died from it. Nationwide since 1999, 1,220 people have died from the virus; 25 were from the District, Maryland or Virginia.”

          • Lou

            I think being diagnosed at the hospital with West Nile is a lot different than “testing humans”. There was the implication in your statement that some sort of test was in place for the human population to screen for West Nile.

          • dkgman

            Nope, didnt mean to imply that. Just pointing out the article isnt as pointless as some thought since what they stopped testing is the mosquitos and what they still test (if complaining of symptoms) is humans… and no cases have been found in people in Arlington this year despite the fact they are thought to be in mosquitos.

          • Lou

            No people in the region have contracted it either, as far as I know.

            I think we’re just talking past each other about who “they” are. The county does not test mosquitoes anymore. Hospitals will test humans if needed. I do not see a scenario where the county would test humans.

            I would like to know if the county is still spraying or what they are doing around retention areas where the mosquitoes flourish. I don’t care much is they are testing regularly or not, but if they admit the presence I would like to know about their efforts to protect people.

  • chris

    Advance Towing causes West Nile…..

  • V Dizzle

    Mosquitos gave me herpes.

    • FF

      I got it from a tractor.

  • Joe Hoya

    The only way you can be “proactive about avoiding contact with mosquitoes” around here is by “never setting foot outside.”

  • John Fontain

    You know how the county has a program where they’ll deliver several cubic yards of mulch to your house for $50? I’ve got an even better, more helpful program for the county to offer.

    I think a really great service would be if we could pay the county $50 to come out to our house during the summer and blast the property with DDT (or whatever is used to kill mosquitos). Heck, even just fly over the property with one of those crop dusters would do the trick. They could use GPS in the cropduster and hit lots of houses in just a few minutes without adding more vehicular traffic to the roads.

    Come on Arlington, be forward thinking!

    • LVGuy

      I’ll pass, but I’m sure we could pool the money to make sure they douse your house with DDT.

      • Duderrific

        Get mine second, please. That stuff actually works!

        • KalashniKEV

          I want Agent Orange on this one tree that partially obscures my view… can we make that happen?

        • PikerShorts

          Enjoy your endocrine disruption and DNA mutations

    • V Dizzle

      I know you’re “being funny”, but in VA Beach they sprayed from trucks that went up and down the streets. Hopefully you watched the local news to know that you shouldn’t go outside during the spraying. Pretty messed up in my opinion.

  • BoredHouseWife

    that is not the tiger mosquito.

  • hillz

    Or the birds showed up dead before it was 100 plus degrees. And one was in my pool…my non chlorine salt water pool.

  • John Andre

    Plenty of Asian tiger mosquitoes in my neighborhood. It’s near Alexandria…can’t believe we’re West Nile-negative.

  • Mr. Brown

    The mosquitos donated $2,500 to Favola and now we don’t test for West Nile.

    • John Fontain

      Post of the day.

  • Robert I

    Is there headline of this article going to be corrected? Shouldn’t it say “West Nile endemic in Arlington, County does not even bother to run tests”? What about accuracy in reporting?

  • Tyrone Max

    Didgthey find any signs of South Danube? North Rhine? East Elbe?


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