Arlington County Fair Program Released

by ARLnow.com August 3, 2011 at 2:55 pm 5,945 46 Comments

The Arlington County Fair is just a week away, and now we know a bit more about the kind of food and entertainment that’s on tap.

The fair’s official program is now online, complete with lists of exhibitors, food vendors and fair hours. Also included are maps and an entertainment schedule.

Among the food vendors are A&B Soft Serve, Cherokee Cuisine (“Krispy Kreme burgers,” “turkey kielbasa tortilla wraps,” etc.), Capital Empanadas, Family Grill (kebabs, pad thai, etc.), Four Seasons Grill (gyros, turkey legs, etc.), I Love Thai, International Grill Company (cheesesteaks, falafel, etc.), MacBrand Foods (sausage, “blooming onions,” etc.), Nittaya Grill (chicken teriyaki, funnel cakes, etc.), Orient-Bowl, and Rivera’s (carne asada, pupusas, etc.).

Among the more than 125 exhibitors are the Arlington County Democratic Committee, the Arlington County Republican Committee, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Artisphere, Dominion Electric Power, Friends of the David M. Brown Planetarium, Potomac Harmony/Showtime Chorus, and dozens of merchants.

Among the scheduled outdoor events are the Civil War HistoryMobile, Star Family Circus, racing piglets, pony rides, Harlem Wizards basketball demonstration (Fri.-Sat.), outdoor movies (Fri.-Sat.), and animal rescue group exhibitions (Fri.-Sun.).

The fair takes place at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center (3501 S. 2nd Street). See the Arlington County Fair web site for more information.

  • YTK

    YAAAY! I LOOOVE The Fair!!!

  • TGEoA

    Pig races FTW.

    is there a bacon exhibit?

    • Lou

      Yes, at the finish line.

  • ontarioroader

    WTF – a county fair without a demolition derby? Why even bother? I’m sure Advanced Towing has plenty of abandoned/impounded cars they could donate for the event.

    • Venn Diagram

      I’m sure that Babs and Jaime will show up and demolish every last shred of decency left in the county.

      • Josh S

        Yea! Good to see you VD.

        Wait, that doesn’t sound right….

        • Venn Diagram

          Not to put words in your mouth (that would never happen on this site), but is this closer to what you meant?

          • Dude

            You should do a book of these Cha-ching.

  • CW

    I like the use of the “etc.” at the end of lists of objects that are completely unrelated:

    -Krispy Kreme burgers, turkey kielbasa wraps, etc.
    -Kebabs, pad Thai, etc.
    -Cheesesteaks, falafel, etc.’

    “You know, it’s just another one of those generic kebab-and-pad-thai type places that have been popping up all over around here. Nothing too unique.”

    • Mr. Madam

      My interests are sheep, particle physics, Danielle Steele, Level 42, etc.

    • Novanglus

      “Krispy Kreme Burgers”

      Is that missing a comma, or did I just die and go to heaven?

  • Josh S

    I think ARLNow commenters should make plans to meet at the fair and share some funnel cakes in the spirit of peace and harmony.

    • Richard Cranium

      Funnel Cakes, lawn bowling, astrophysics, etc.

      • Josh S

        I can’t wait to find out that Kalashnikev is actually some dumpy looking Poindexter-type that lives with his mom.

        • Baloney

          I’m 99% sure he’s a homeless guy.

          • Banksy

            That would be “bum,” according to KEV.

            And Josh S.: my thoughts exactly!

          • Baloney

            He would have to attack himself. Should be quite a show.

  • Scrooge

    OK, not trying to be negatory, just want to be educated on this. Every time I go to the Arlington County Fair I feel like ‘ehh, kinda a waste of time.’ What am I missing?

    • Josh S

      I think it helps to have a kid in tow….or to be a teenager on the make…..
      A county fair really needs a rodeo or at least livestock to make it real…..

    • NavinR.Johnson

      Go back where all the trailers are parked and find the one belonging to one Patty Bernstein. Knock three times and say you are there to have your weight guessed. You won’t be disappointed.

      • Toucan Sam

        Excellent, constructive tip! Scrooge, I second the tip from Navin! Find Patty… she’s always at the ArlCo Fair!

  • TJ

    Stop me if you’ve heard this before…

    7-11 is setting up inside the fair, despite the fact that there is one two blocks away…

  • NoVapologist

    Where is the stage where the forgotten ’90s bands like Everclear, Fastball, and Dishwalla try to mount their comebacks?

    • CW

      I saw Everclear (amongst other forgotten 90’s bands) at the reborn HFStival last fall. I don’t think they’ve quite stooped to the county fair level yet.

  • SaveDaveMcKenna

    What/Where is Cherokee Cuisine? I’ve spent time among Cherokees and donut burgers/kielbasa seems a bit of a stretch.

  • Neighbor

    Boo hiss, no music AGAIN!! It must be gone for good. The fair was a great place to see some local talent – the Aloha Boys were particularly memorable.

  • CarsSuck

    not what I was expecting from a “county fair”… heck even back home near NYC we had better county fairs. It seems to get more and more diluted every year. Much comparable to “DIStaste of Arlington”, but with rusty rides. Anyway, for what it’s worth the Warren County fair is still going on this week.

  • what the..

    racing piglets…really, how lame. let the poor animals alone. they are not here for our amusement.

    • R

      you are 100% correct, they are here for our culinary delight. suckling pigs are delicious…slaughtered after only a few weeks of life…tasty innocence, particularly when paired with a nice red Bordeaux wine.

      • CW

        Absolutely. Racing is a travesty – it goes against everything that I stand for since it toughens up the flesh. Completely ruins the texture.

  • Ted williams

    Two years ago at the Arlington fair, I was amused to see a booth for Arlington Gays and a booth for Arlington Recovered Gays.– directly opposite each other!

    • normal

      Yes, I always amuse myself by seeing how close opposing political groups end up. There’s also the political parties and the abortion people. I also amuse myself by loudly refusing Republican balloons when my kids ask for them.

    • santorum

      Now that’s one-stop shopping. You can be recruited by the gays and then recover a few minutes later.

      • MickeyInArlington

        I suppose Michelle Bachmann’s husband wouldn’t know if he was coming or going.

    • Novanglus

      And the bacon-wrapped sausage vendor will be next to the pig races — for extra motivation.

  • Just Me

    The food used to be good but now it’s mostly crap. The county has gotten cheep, no fire department, police department booth and other county booths like we had years ago, we had things for the children. I guess they need the money to support the illegals.

    • SaveDaveMcKenna

      Last year the FD and PD were both in the parking lot, IIRC.

    • normal

      Wow, what an ingrate.

    • Josh S

      It may just be that your tastes are changing. As near as I can tell, the food options have been the same for many years. But I, too am no longer quite as impressed with the greasy stuff. Now, if Twisted Vines came and set up a little booth with the wine and cheese – yum!

      • Brandon C

        Seriously… why is it the same thai kabob and kielbasa stations serve the same sodium-rich food every year? Don’t we have some of the best restaurants in the metro area in A-town? Can’t Lost Dog set up a sandwich booth?

    • ArlingtonCoFair

      The fire department, police department, sheriff’s office, and county departments ALL have a presence at the fair. There are tons of free activities for kids. And, it’s not County money that supports the fair. It is planned and implemented by an all-volunteer board of directors.

  • John Andre

    I plan to be there…Friday 6-9 pm…at the “Citizens for the Classics” booth.

  • jack

    If I can eat a Krispy Kreme burger while riding a pony I won’t care if I die before the trolley is finished.

  • Brandon C

    What Arlington’s Fair lacks in decent cuisine, it more than makes up for in vomit-inducing carnival rides that probably were used before the Kaiser stole our word for “twenty.”

    And for all the toothless runners of the prize booths, just remember the “carny code” and bribe Arlington PD before you get shut down. It’s okay, you can buy more meth after you get some rubes & pigeons on the trolley.

  • ValleyTours

    There will be music at the fair!
    Local band Valley Tours will be playing at the fair THURSDAY NIGHT @ 7:30!!!
    Check us out here: http://www.facebook.com/ValleyTours

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