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Teen With Gun Spotted, But Not Found

by ARLnow.com August 10, 2011 at 3:59 pm 5,218 29 Comments

A search for a teenager spotted with a gun on the W&OD trail this morning caused some anxious moments but turned up nothing.

The call came in to police around 11:15 a.m., stating that a young male wearing a black ski mask and holding something that looked like an assault rifle was spotted in the Madison Manor neighborhood. The teen and a companion were heading toward the pedestrian bridge that crosses I-66 near Ohio Street, just east of East Falls Church on the W&OD trail.

Police officers swarmed the area. At least three witnesses reported seeing the same teen, who was accompanied by another young male who was carrying a camera bag and a camera.

A half-hour search of the Madison Manor, Westover and East Falls Church neighborhoods turned up nothing, and eventually the search was called off. During the search extra security measures were put in place at McKinley Elementary School. One tipster reported that some roads were blocked in the area during the search.

  • V Dizzle

    Pellet gun maybe?

    • V Dizzle

      Wow you were totally right V (OK, a BB gun…close enough).

  • Lou

    “Assault Rifle” identification graphic in 3…2…1…

  • CW

    Hmmm…ski mask and something that looked like an assault weapon, plus a companion with video equipment? Methinks some bored kids were shooting a video of sorts. School’s out for the summer.

    • R.Griffon

      That was my first thought. The gun was probably an Airsoft, paintball gun (er, I’m sorry … “marker”) or something similar. And kids often aren’t smart enough to put such a thing in a case or bag so as not to get people all spun up.

      • Sheila Mayes

        Personally, I think most of these kids WANT to kids ppl stirred up. My friend’s son was having too much fun pointing his Airsoft gun at ppls faces.
        What a brat. I wanted to take that gun away from him and destroy it so he could never scare anyone again.

  • Rick


  • G Clifford Prout

    Most likely on his way to hold up a BB&T.

  • Southeast Ben

    or Bank Robbery?

  • BoredHouseWife

    squirrel hunting? wannabe internet sensation?

  • Hope

    Camera equipment…you can find whatever they were doing on youtube. I am sure it wasn’t anything to harm anyone.

  • MC 703

    Probably innocuous but ACPD has to respond and investigate.

  • Liberace

    It was KEV.

    • KalashniKEV

      I would have slung the rifle… “holding” might be construed as “brandishing,” which would be a violation of Virginia Code § 18.2-282.

      I might bring along the Noveske the next time I make a bank deposit though! 😉

      • 5.56

        I might be the only other person on this site who knows what Noveske is….

  • FunnyMunny

    Prolly just kids holding up a lemonade stand. Not ready for the big time yet.

  • Columbia pike guy

    hopefully hunting cats!

  • Donna

    From my friend, who has a son that goes to McKinley:

    “Okay, so apparently some teenagers were walking on the path near the school with a nerf gun. Seriously. The handout they gave us said “The situation was resolved when it was determined that the issue was related to children seen on the bicycle path with air-soft imitation weapons.””

    Better safe than sorry!

    • GMo

      Save the orange safety tips (correct me if I’m wrong), Airsoft guns are often near-indistinguishable replicas of the common and no so common firearms.

      • Lou

        When I was a kid we had plastic M16 replicas that were amazingly accurate for the day. No day-glo tips. We ran all over north Arlington on our bikes with those; nobody worried at all. Why would kids have guns??? Oh that’s right, society has gone down the sh—er.

      • R.Griffon

        Correct. And kids usually remove or paint the orange tips because they don’t look cool.

        And for those who don’t know, an Airsoft is most definitely NOT a Nerf gun.

        This is what a nerf gun looks like:

        And this is what Airsoft looks like:

        Notice anything different?

        • Sheila Mayes

          I just posted a comment about my friend’s son and his Airsoft gun. Two ways these Airsoft guns are dangerous. First, they hurt and can cause injury. Second, the kids that are buying them are are playing “kill you” games. THIS IS NOT GOOD PARENTS!
          Check your kids Facebook if he or she has an Airsoft gun and look what they are saying!

  • Me ke

    Wow some really dumb jokes posted. What happens if this is somemdisturbed kid la la Colombine that’s wants to take videos of him shooting at cars on 66? Seriously dumb ass commentary

    • JamesE

      I drive too fast he couldn’t hit me

  • Robin

    Anyone know what’s going on in Ballston on Fairfax near the metro station? I saw at least six fire trucks and two ambulances going there.

  • I swear, if some punk shoots me with a bb gun I’m going to find my Louisville Slugger and make it so he can’t hold a gun ever again.

  • YTK

    Maybe they were the ones who shot that woman with the bb gun? Some of those bb guns look like very realistic rifles.

  • Sheila Mayes

    Kids are really out of control today. It was probably an Airsoft Gun, which is the big new trend with youngsters today. I know because I just took a road trip with my friend and her son. His father died a couple of years ago. He is nearly 13 now. He was totally out of control. First, he talked his mother into buying him an Airsoft gun. Then in the car that I was driving, he was pointing it at other drivers and when his mother called him on it – he pointed it at the back of her head. I finally had to take over. What a brat he was and I feel sorry for my friend. I do not know what to do to help her without totally offending her. I see trouble in his future!

  • Sheila Mayes

    P.S. Then he borrowed my iphone to play some games and without permission went onto my Facebook. Thank God he logged out of my page and went into his own. I was shocked when I read what those kids were saying to each other. Stuff like – “I am going to kill you.” They were referring to an Airsoft gun game, but I think that parents should be more aware of what kids are doing. Oh, you think they are being so well behave in the backseat playing their little hand held games. You better be looking at WHO they are talking to and what they are saying.


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