Changes Coming to Some ART Routes on Monday

by ARLnow.com August 12, 2011 at 10:40 am 2,605 17 Comments

Changes are coming to four Arlington Transit bus routes, starting Monday.

The changes, which affect ART 41, 45, 51 and 52, “will allow ART to serve more residents and also keep buses running more smoothly and on time,” according to the transit agency.

The changes include:

  • ART 41 — New schedule with additional weekday trip and weekend service starting earlier, running more frequently and ending later.
  • ART 45 — Route extended west to serve Columbia Heights West neighborhood. Will run through Lyon Park to the Court House Metro before reaching Rosslyn. Times adjusted.
  • ART 51 — Route will now run along Washington Boulevard in Waycroft-Woodlawn. Times adjusted.
  • ART 52 — Route will now run along 16th Street North in Waycroft-Woodlawn. Weekday service will start earlier. Times adjusted to better meet Yorktown High School bell. Evening departure times from East Falls Church Metro adjusted.

  • RosslynBoom

    the people this affects cant even read this

    • Stu Pendus

      All five of them.

      • JimPB

        Not so. From time to time I use one of the effected ART routes.

        Yes, there are Hispanic riders whose ability to read English is unknown to me, although I’ve seen several of them consult the schedules posted at a stop, and Anglos from houses here in North Arlington are well represented among the riders.

    • bookmobile

      I use ART all the time, including to get to the County Fair this weekend. It’s extremely convenient for getting to Shirlington and Columbia Pike from north Arlington. Happy to see the increased service!

      • Tabby

        Me too.

        When I’ve missed the 16Y downtown express, I take the 77 to Court House/Clarendon or the 45 to Rosslyn. I’m glad the 45 is going to stop at CH now. It’s an awfully long trek through the wilds of Arlington to get to Rosslyn on that bus.

        I’ve also taken the 77 south to Shirlington when I plan to enjoy a refreshing beverage or three.

        • The Q Man

          Hey I board the 16Y in the morning as well. Lol

          • Tabby

            Isn’t it ironic.

    • Steve85

      Ha Ha Ha you’re wrong. Hopefully you are just joking.

      • Josh S

        Imposter! steve would never capitalize his name!

  • JimPB

    What’s the final news about the drivers who called in sick and were fired?

    • rider

      They were replaced by incompetent trainees who drive up on curbs up against fire hydrants, causing the bus to have to stop in its tracks and unload for fear of damaging the hydrant or the bus. Just happened this morning.

  • just me

    ART drivers are the worst, they make Metro 1st class. One driver would not stop for a “stop requested” and he was going way too fast and had to slam on the breaks at the lights. How about getting good drivers. I also have almost been run over when I had the walk lots. ART drivers suck.

  • ClizzleDizzle

    I don’t like buses, they attract undesirables. We should go the “coral gables” way: remove street signs so only locals can find their way around.

    No to DC’ers, no to Marylanders!

    • steve85

      Yo man that’s a terrible comment. I guess you don’t go to their neighborhoods than. Its 2011, stop acting like its 1911. You must be old as hell.

      • Josh S

        There he is! Now that’s the real steve!

  • John K.

    Changing the 45 is probably not going to increase the usual ridership ranging from 0-3. I’ve never seen more than three and I usually see them empty. Adding to the 41 is a good move, though.

  • PHD

    I ride the 51 & 52 pretty regularly at the end of the work day, coming home from Ballston. It ranges from close to full, to times (well, maybe one or two times) when I’ve been the only one on the bus.


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