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New Korean Food Truck to Hit the Streets Monday

by ARLnow.com August 19, 2011 at 10:45 am 5,150 23 Comments

Arlington is about to get a brand new food truck.

On Monday, the new “Seoul Food” truck will have a “soft opening” at an undisclosed location in Arlington. The truck will serve “Korean fusion” food, including Korean-style maki rolls (vegetarian maki, caramelized kimchi maki, spicy tuna maki) and bibimbap bowls, according to its Twitter page.

The ingredients used to make the dishes include “local beef from grass-fed cows, organic tofu, all-natural chicken and ingredients from local farms,” according to the truck’s Facebook page.

On Wednesday, the truck will begin using Twitter to announce its daily locations. The truck will operate exclusively in Arlington at first, but the owners plan to start serving D.C. as soon as they obtain the appropriate licenses.

Hat tip to Snack Decision

  • RosslynBoom

    not news worthy!

  • ManPerson

    If its not like the koji beef trucks in los angeles it will suck.

  • othersideoftheriver

    Bibimbap, woo-hoo!

  • Steve

    Are food trucks uniquely american? And is it an admission that one’s locality has a limited selection of restaurant or takeout places?

    • Aaron

      Are you saying that DC and Arlington have a limited selection of restaurant or takeout places? Do the facts not immediately contradict your hypothesis? The real correlation, at least in this area and other food truck-heavy locations like LA and Philly, appears to be with high financial and regulatory barriers to entering the brick-and-mortar restaurant business. If you have an innovative idea for a restaurant concept, it’s relatively easy to enter the market with a truck, paying less in taxes and with less regulatory oversight, than to find a desirable site in a high-traffic area.

      • Sean

        @Aaron: Although I agree with most of your point, one bit of clarification is on your comment about less regulatory oversight. My wife and I have gotten to know the owner of Eat Sauca a bit (name is Farhad). He’s told us that the county inspects the trucks much more frequently than the restaurants. So at least in that respect, there is more regulatory oversight of trucks compared to brick-and-mortar restaurants.

  • CrystalMikey

    Hopefully this eases the pain of not having TaKorean on our side of the river. 🙂

  • JamesE

    I would sell my soul for a gyro truck/stand or doner kebabs

    • CrystalMikey

      There’s 2 guys that set up a stand on Crystal Dr. and 20th St. in Crystal City on the weekdays that sling up some mean Gyros.

    • CW

      Yeah man…if any one of those ubiquitous doner stands from any streetcorner in continental Europe would just move over here…oh man…

      • JamesE

        It’s all I ask for in life, I wish there was a street food scene, not just trucks.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        Now that’s what I call a two fisted sandwich!+

    • Modwop

      I’ve spotted the Tasty Kabob guys on Fairfax Drive in front of the George Mason University complex in the afternoons on multiple days this week. While not exactly doner kebab, they have good Halal kabob and gyro!! (https://twitter.com/#!/TastyKabob)

    • bb

      Doner Cafe (the one in Leesburg) is supposed to be opening a location in Clarendon. So says the girl at the counter when I was ordering last weekend.

  • Ballstonian

    No Pyongyang Truck that serves bread and water at low caloric rates?

    • AllenB

      Yeah, it’s always good to joke about starving people.

      • Aaron

        Unless it’s America or Israel’s fault, no one cares.

      • JamesE

        I laughed, Debbie Downer

      • ZoningVictim

        I dare you to watch the Starvin’ Marvin episode without laughing.

        • Aaron

          Appietizers are what we eat before we eat to make us hungry.

  • Am I the only one

    to see “. . . and ingredients from local farms” and read AWLA rejects?

    • CW

      No, because we all know that AWLA doesn’t enforce leash laws, and thus doesn’t take in any animals.

  • TruckSighting!

    Saw the truck near Courthouse at lunch today!


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