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by ARLnow.com August 22, 2011 at 8:20 am 2,838 55 Comments

9/11 Ride Arrives, Departs Without Incident — No major incidents were reported on Friday or Saturday as a convoy of 1,800 motorcyclists arrived in Pentagon City, then departed for New York City. [Washington Post]

Two Struck By Lightning in Lyon Village — A couple is reported to be in serious condition after being struck by lightning on the 1500 block of N. Highland Street, in Lyon Village, on Friday. The force of the lightning strike was so strong that it “shattered the lenses in one of their glasses and knocked their shoes off.” [WUSA9, MyFoxDC]

New Arlington Arts Center Director Named — Stefanie Fedor has been named the new executive director of the Arlington Arts Center. [Sun Gazette]

Flickr pool photo by edobson22207

  • And who has the gun that they raffled off? The motorcycle convoy rides on to Philly & NYC, but the gun stays in Arlington. Wonderful.

    • Duder

      Don’t worry; I’m sure it’s already being put to good use in PG.

    • KalashniKEV

      Not me!

  • Southeast Ben

    Maybe it will be used in the next bank robbery?

    • PikerShorts

      I didn’t know they had an “implication note” raffle

      • Lee-n-Glebe

        I could be wrong, but I believe there is a difference in sentencing between using a gun and “implying” a gun. I seem to recall that having a gun is a far more serious offense. I think even stating that you have a gun when you don’t is considered more serious. While these bank robbers generally aren’t on intellectual par with Stephen Hawkings, I’ll bet most of them know a bit about sentencing guidelines.

    • KalashniKEV

      Maybe it will stop the next bank robbery.

      • KalashniKEV

        (or ATM assault)

        Unfortunately, the hero is more likely to be packing a tray of sushi, lol.

  • KalashniKEV

    My comment was censored, but I want to say that much in the same way Open Carry can educate our neighbors in American values and the laws of the Commonwealth, I think the Gun Auction does the same, and I look forward to more of them.

    • Josh S

      “our neighbors” – You mean Canadians?

      “American values” – I doubt James Madison, George Mason or the others had Dirty Harry in mind. The right to bear arms meant a very, very different thing in the largely rural lifestyles of the 18th century.

      • Stu Pendus

        What did it mean back then?

      • KalashniKEV

        Josh… Kudos for taking your argument where no Anti ever wants to go- to the Framers. You can hold any kind of doubt you want, but the Enlightenment thinking that gave birth to our Nation sides strongly with Freedom. RKBA meant the same thing today that it did then- I’m a free citizen, all rights reserved.

      • SomeGuy

        Yes, Josh, please enlighten us. And what makes you think the person who won the raffle “had Dirty Harry in mind?”

        What is your objection to law abiding citizens’ ownership of firearms?

        • Richard Cranium

          I think we should turn this to a less controversial topic, like abortion, politics, or which is the One, True Religion.*

          *Which is Pastafarianism, by the way. All Praise his Noodly Self!

          • SomeGuy

            Agreed. Probably a good idea on the “less controversial topic.”

            For example, I think the picture posted above is a nice shot of I-66 and the ride, regardless of how anyone feels/felt about the road closure.

          • edobson22207

            thanks. the picture is from the North Utah Street bridge. at the front of the bike ride were several hundred police motorcycles representing local law enforcement from all over the country — as far away as Los Angeles. They were all perfectly lined up and serious. The rest of the motorcyclecade was generally single file and many were waving flags, beeping horns and giving peace signs to the onlookers on the bridge.
            I am not a big supporter of the ride but it was pretty neat to watch but also to help others commemorate an important historic event in the way that they choose to commemorate it.

          • R.Griffon

            *Ramen, brother.

        • Josh S

          Who said I had any objection to law abiding citizens owning firearms? Chillax, SomeGuy.

          (I can’t believe I just said chillax.
          You gotta get your giggles where you can….)

          Also, what does the person who won the raffle have to do with my statement about Dirty Harry?

          Finally, your use of the “please enlighten us,” commonly used in a sarcastic way to indicate contempt for someone who is attempting to be a know-it-all also seems out of place. I don’t think it takes much cogitation to recognize the difference between 1783 Virginia and 2011 Virginia, especially is it relates to the societal implications of having a gun and displaying it publicly. A musket is not the same thing as a Glock, for example.

          But the true basis of my original post had more to do with Kev’s indication that Open Carry would be a good teaching tool for those unfamiliar with “American values.” I guess it would be a dramatic one. But as far as what America is all about, I think it would be rather far down on the list and not an especially good example to use when educating those new to the country. I suspect that much of the rest of the world is already quite familiar with America’s love affair with guns. And, in many places, guns are already all too familiar to the lives of ordinary people – rarely with happy or productive effect. Since the things (especially pistols – the most commonly carried weapon to take advantage of Open Carry, I would imagine) are designed and exist solely to harm or kill people, I hardly see why any country would want to hold them up as shining examples of their national values. Woo hoo! Isn’t America GREAT?!? Everyone can carry around their own personal killing device?!?! Woo hoo! Just strikes me as not exactly inspiring.

          • Stu Pendus

            We have the right to keep and bear arms. It means the same thing in the 1700’s as it means now. It means that we have the right to keep and bear arms.

          • Josh S

            Ah yes. How silly of me. Everything on paper only has one interpretation. I must strive to be more zen in my life, like honorable teacher, Stu Pendus.

          • Stu Pendus

            Are we feeling a little condescending today?

          • Josh S

            Zing! You got me there!

            Well played, you ol’ trickster you.

            Well played.

          • KalashniKEV

            Josh, when you make inflammatory statements that go against our laws and culture, you can expect to ruffle some feathers (which I assume was your point with the Dirty Harry comment).

            Your second statement that firearms “are designed and exist solely to harm or kill people” exposes your ignorance. Have you ever passed an afternoon with good friends, slinging some lead, participating in challenges of marksmanship, and just having a good time?

          • Josh S

            I suppose I could pass the afternoon stroking and fondling my gun and just having a good time, but it won’t change what the gun was designed to do.

          • KalashniKEV

            You disappoint me, Josh… I thought you wanted to debate on a more intellectual level.

            I suppose at this point I should ask, “What do you do for fun???”

          • Josh S

            I like black and white movies, sipping Pernot in the rain, and exploring vintage clothing shops.

            “You disappoint me.” That sh*t’s hilarious.

          • R.Griffon

            > I like … sipping Pernot in the rain

            But alcohol causes more deaths in the US than gun violence. So aren’t you just as guilty of endorsing dangerous and irresponsible behavior as someone who owns a firearm?

            Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

          • Josh S

            *increduous, looks around for help…..”

          • Maria

            Sorry Josh. I know I learned a long time ago not to get into a debate with KEV about guns. Good luck though!

          • SomeGuy

            Much like you read the tone of my “please enlighten us” comment, I read the tone of your Dirty Harry reference. Likening 2nd amendment supporters and/or people who lawfully carry guns to Dirty Harry seemed condescending. And your assertion that guns are “designed and exist solely to harm or kill people” is just false.

            If I misread your tone, I apologize.

            Let’s both reread Richard Cranium’s suggestion above.

          • clean harry

            Of course handguns are “designed and exist solely to harm or kill people”, and to claim anyting else is disingenuous.

            You can use them for target practice, or collect them for fun, or stack them up for an awesome game of Jenga, but their basic reason to exist is to shoot someone.
            They aren’t designed for hunting.

            You can argue that citizens should be able to arm themselves for protection against the bad guys, but don’t pretend that handguns exist for anything else.

          • Josh S

            That’s not a handgun.

          • JamesE

            open season year round !

          • SomeGuy

            Wrong, clean harry. There are plenty of guns designed with “match grade” components, specifically for target shooting accuracy in “match” competitions. Springfield Armory makes a good one in their XD line (the XDM models are their match-specific series), as do several other manufacturers.

            Many guns are designed for personal protection, and thus with the design goal to incapacitate a human threat (look in any police officer’s holster for an example). But the “designed and exist solely to harm or kill people” comment from Josh is what’s disingenuous. As is your comment which is based on his premise.

            Furthermore, Josh’s statement referred to guns in general, not specifically handguns. Reading comprehension is your friend.

          • Josh S

            True, I said guns in general. And that, obviously, is an exaggeration. Hunting and sport guns do exist. So I backtrack a bit. But handguns I think still count.

            (I’ll dispense with the exploration of what guns were invented for – hunting or killing people. I suspect killing people was the original intended purpose. All other purposes would have evolved after that….)

            (I’ll also dispense with any line of reasoning having to do with whether the existence of sport / marksmanship guns changes their purpose. People race cars, for example, but they weren’t invented for that purpose.)

            As far as disingenousness, claiming that some guns are designed for protection and to incapacitate a human threat – stating or implying that is this somehow DIFFERENT than being designed to kill people is just silly. I guess you might say that about rubber bullets. But the gun itself is still designed to kill.

            In any case, remember, this was all prompted by a comment about Open Carry. I wonder if hunting rifles are included in Open Carry.

          • SomeGuy

            Thank you for backtracking.

            And no, I never suggested that incapacitating a human threat was any different from “harming or killing” a human threat. Different phraseology, but the same thing. It was your suggestion that ALL guns were designed with that specific purpose that I took issue with, along with the Dirty Harry comparisons.

            Nothing disingenuous about my statements though, as I clearly ceded that you were correct about some guns being designed to harm kill, but definitely not ALL, as you tried to authoritatively state.

          • DirtyHarryFan

            I don’t like the implied Dirty Harry bashing on both sides of this. Dirty Harry is an American icon. Fictional, but capturing the American spirit of taking matters into one’s own hand. Quoted by Presidents like Ronald Reagan “Go ahead, make my day!”

          • clean harry

            Some Guy, my reading comprehension skills are fine — as are, apparently, your condescension skills.

            You go on back to your XD guns (XDM, specifically).

  • CW

    A great piece of trash reporting on behalf of WUSA: “About 55 people die in the U.S. every year due to lightning strikes. But only 10 percent of people stuck by lightning are killed. So hopefully, the two people struck Friday night will pull through.”

    Oh, how benevolent of you, WUSA.

    • brendan

      Fox News while not as insensitive sounds pretty stupid too

      “Arlington, VA – Lightning kills an average of 55 people a year. Already in 2011- it’s claimed 19 lives, and injured dozens more.”

      “already” would fit if this was March and we were ahead of pace. but it’s 8.5 months into the year, through the worst of the lightning strike season, and well behind the average pace.

      • Steve85

        Fox News=stupid

        • SomeGuy

          Steve85, please explain how you arrived at that solution.

          • Steve85

            Its common sense SomeGuy. You should know if you watch it. Its toxic

          • SomeGuy

            I still need help understanding your common sense.

          • Fred

            You’re far from alone on that one!

          • SomeGuy

            Agreed, Fred. Neither of us should hold his breath for a cogent response from Steve85.

          • steve85

            I still dont understand why people are bias towards me

        • Fred

          Newsist comment

  • Squiward Tentacles

    News Reporters always report like that CW. They are giving statistics about the issues of that particular story. The weather channel always report their story like that when it comes to lighting striking people

    • CW

      I was referring to the “hopefully they will pull through” part.

  • TGEoA

    Lightning will F you up.

    • Tabby

      Seriously. I’m sorry, but they were not being smart. At all. Metal fence. Umbrella. Tree.

      • JamesE

        I thought you made this up until I read the article.

      • CW

        I think that’s kinda mean. Did you see that storm? It blew up really fast. And you try walking down that street without being “under a huge tree” or “near” a fence or something else made of metal. Pretty darn hard. It’s not like they were in the middle of a field holding onto a flagpole.

  • Kalashnikev

    I come back at the end of the day and my Piggy is gone, yet the nonsense comments remain. A little biased, ARLnow?

    I suppose FOX News is stupid.

    And just so Josh doesn’t have to wonder, you can of course open carry a rifle, why wouldn’t you be able to? Just make sure to use the sling or you may open yourself up to a “brandishing” charge in less tolerant jurisdictions.


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